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We are a Google AdWords agency in Perth offering expert setup of Google Ads & professional Google AdWords management for companies in Perth and throughout Australia. We are also highly sought after for our SEO capabilities.

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Experience is the best teacher. With 20 years of Google Ads experience for companies large and small, Scott Shorter is one of Perth’s most seasoned freelancers and Google Ads specialists.


We are certified Google Ads specialists in Perth which means we have the training, ethics and experience with Google Ads to help your business grow.

Google Ads Partner in Perth


We offer a professional setup of Google Ads accounts and ongoing management of Google Ads for a better result.


We believe that results should keep customers not contracts. We offer professional Google ads management and campaign setup without contracts, setup costs or commission.

No Contracts

No Contracts Google Ads Management. Our results keep customers not our contracts.

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No Setup Costs

No Setup Fee Google Ads Campaigns. Get a professional to set up your account without a slug.

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No Commission

No Commission Google Ad Campaigns. We charge a flat management fee, not a percentage.


Google Ads are a bit like doing a tax return. If you want a bigger refund, get a professional. A Google Ads Freelancer will provide a professional campaign for you that can provide.

More Sales

Cheaper Sales

Better Profit


  • More sales for less spend
  • Expert setup of Google Ads campaigns
  • Advanced tricks of the trade
  • Tracking of all leads (Phone, Email & Forms)
  • Clear reporting and strategy


  • Help you calculate your ROI
  • Advice how much you could spend
  • What are your competitors doing
  • What option there are beyond Google Ads

About our Google Ads Management services

We are a hands-on Ads management company. Your Google Ads account is managed and reported on by dedicated, professional and experienced analysts.

At Scott Shorter's AdWords Agency, you can expect:

  • To receive ROI estimates, as well as channel (AdWords, Bing, Facebook) and budget recommendations. With this information, you can make the right choice before starting any advertising campaign.
  • To accurately & comprehensively track web enquiries (be it form submissions, telephone calls or emails) because we believe in the saying, ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’. Each lead will be attributed to a source and, with this information, we can assist you in calculating your cost-per-lead, empowering you to make educated marketing decisions.
  • Scheduled meetings to discuss progress with in-depth human-generated insights into your performance and ROI. We care about your results and you will hear from us regularly.
  • Ongoing search strategy, including conversion optimisation ideas, search engine optimisation and social media integration strategy. Our experience across multiple searches and social media disciplines allow us to look at your objectives, budget and recommend a holistic approach to maximise returns.
  • Our strategists are experienced with the latest and most effective strategies, including re-marketing, behavioural targeting, A/B and multivariate testing, funnel optimisation and more.
  • More than just Google Ads advice Scott Shorter can provide SEO & Conversion Rate Optimisation advice for your business.

Reducing AdWords Costs

Our Google Ads agency specialises in reducing your Google AdWords costs.

Improving your Google Ads efficiency really is about accurately measuring and improving your cost per lead. Cost per click is only one factor in your cost per lead. There are many factors such as visitor bounce rates, visitor conversion rates and the possibility of remarketing to audiences that have already been on your website.

We’ll find you the cheapest cost per lead and it’s up to you if you wish to turn up the screw!

Are You Paying Too Much for AdWords PPC Ads?

Seeking expert help when setting up or optimizing a Google AdWords is essential to ensure that you’re not throwing money away. That is to say simply – You could burn a lot of cash really quickly and go backward trying to do it yourself. It’s entirely possible that without an expert AdWords agency are certified Google partners, that your AdWords campaign could run at a negative return on investment. If that sounds like a risk you’re not willing to take then we recommend you speak with one of our consultants today about professional AdWords setup and or management.

Professional Setup of Google Ads AdWords & PPC Management

Do you want to measure accurately the number of leads from your AdWords campaign? Our motto is, “If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it” so here at Scott Shorter’s AdWords agency you can absolutely bet that we will track every possible lead and report on it accurately to you.

As a freelance AdWords consultant service, we can assist with: One-off set up, audits or ongoing monthly ads management and optimisation of AdWords are just some of the ways in which we partner with customers to ensure a win-win.

Our AdWords management experience ranges from international, national, local to rural campaigns. No matter where a business or target market is in Australia, we can help.

Our Google AdWords specialists are located in Perth, Western Australia; servicing a diverse customer base of clients throughout Australia. If necessary, we can fly out to you or, more commonly, conduct meetings via video conference.


Take your Google Ads campaign to the next level, the easy way… Get a free proposal & hear our best ideas. Learn something that you can immediately apply to your business.

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