Our experience ranges from international, national, local to rural campaigns. No matter where a business or target market is in Australia, we can help.

We are currently located in Perth, Western Australia; servicing a diverse customer base of clients throughout Australia. If necessary, we can fly out to you or, more commonly, conduct meetings via video conference.

Why Choose Us?

Google Premier PartnerWe are a hands-on AdWords management company. At Scott Shorter, your account is managed and reported on by dedicated, professional and experienced analysts. To us, you’re not just another customer that is placed into an automated system. We specialise in proactive campaign management, education and partnership with our clients to provide exceptional results..

We aim to stand out from the market by avoiding the cost cutting trends of our competitors.

  • We won’t use a templated AdWords campaign for your business. Our accounts are created to exactly fit your objectives.
  • We won’t optimise your account by relying on automated systems. Your account is cared for by an experienced analyst.
  • We won’t limit your account with an arbitrary number of keywords, ad groups, campaigns, devices or locations. We will do what is required to achieve a result.
  • We won’t advise you to spend more in AdWords should we feel the money is better invested in other channels.

At Scott Shorter, you can expect:

  • To receive ROI estimates, as well as channel (AdWords, Bing, Facebook) and budget recommendations. With this information you can make the right choice before starting any advertising campaign.
  • To accurately & comprehensively track web enquiries (be it form submissions, telephone calls or emails) because we believe in the saying, ‘If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it’. Each lead will be attributed to a source and, with this information, we can assist you in calculating your cost-per lead, empowering you to make educated marketing decisions.
  • Scheduled meetings to discuss progress with in-depth human generated insights into your performance and ROI. We care about your results and you will hear from us regularly.
  • Ongoing search strategy, including conversion optimisation ideas, search engine optimisation and social media integration strategy. Our experience across multiple search and social media disciplines allows us to look at your objectives, budget and recommend a holistic approach to maximising returns.
  • Our strategists are experienced with the latest and most effective strategies, including re-marketing, behavioural targeting, A/B and multivariate testing, funnel optimisation and more.

Our work is a team effort

Scott Shorter is a hand picked team of some of Australia’s best SEO/SEM & CRO Specialists.


YouTube Pre Roll

Run your ad before YouTube videos and engage with your target market in a way that isn’t available with regular CPC advertising.

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