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Scott Shorter is a Perth SEO specialist with 20+ years of experience. If you’re looking for the best SEO company in 2021, our results do the talking.

Our SEO agency has some of the best SEO testimonials in the industry and our website ranks consistently in the top three for difficult keywords such as, “SEO Perth”, “SEO Services” and “SEO Companies”.

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We practice what we preach. See how our SEO company ranks for super hard keywords.

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Top Brands, Choose us for Top SEO

SEO customers

Successful companies who chose Scott Shorter for SEO range in size from a bank to a sole trader. See more customers who we’ve helped with SEO.

Scott’s abilities to demystify SEO have been recognised in multiple speaking engagements for Ad School and Edith Cowan University

Perth SEO Services

Our Perth SEO services have been reviewed by our clients large and small. We always aspire to be the best and our efforts are reflected by the results.

Ramvek SEO Testimonial

6x #1 important keywords

View the case study

He turned around a decreasing trend in our SEO to secure the #1 position for six of our most important keywords.

Kelly Bidesi – Ramvek

#1 in 3 months

Within three months we improved our SEO position into the top spot for the key phrases “security companies” and “security company”

David Lyons – PM – Wilson Security

206.32% Skyrocket

View the case study

He took us in after our past SEO consultants caused a Google penalty on our website. Our account manager, not only got rid of the penalty but implemented local strategies that help us rank in the top 3 for high traffic keywords such as “garage doors perth” and “roller door perth”. We now sit snuggly in the top 3 places in Google Maps for many relevant local keywords. This has made our SEO traffic skyrocket 206.32% from where we started! Our online presence has never been more evident. His local SEO services ensure a white hat, a moral approach to local SEO that are highly effective and generates lots of business

Damian Regnault & Mark Arvino – Perth Garage Door

CCI SEO Testimonial

44.78% in 3 months

SS unlocked our website’s SEO to make a dramatic improvement in our organic rankings. We have now improved our organic position on many of our most important key phrases to the very top of Google and the SEO driven traffic to our website has also risen considerably

Brigitte Black – Team Leader CCIWA

Plunkett Homes SEO Testimonial

123% Improved

His SEO program has delivered two years of consecutive growth for Plunkett Homes. Our SEO traffic has improved 123% measured over two years or 52.8% year on year. His quarterly reports presented in person have been easy to understand and the results have been delivered largely autonomously without requiring an investment of time from Plunkett

Emma Downsborough – Sales & Marketing Plunkett Homes

159% in 6 months

He turned around a decreasing trend in our SEO traffic to deliver a 159% increase in organic traffic within 6 months. He also provided CRO suggestions that have assisted to deliver additional revenue across channels

Damian Cook – Director – TyreSales

298% Supernova

His SEO recommendations assisted our website to increase non-branded monthly organic visitors by in excess of six figures. We saw an increase of 150% within 12 months and since this time we have continued to experience growth beyond a 298% improvement.

Adam Yap – Chief Operations Officer and Executive Director Health Engine

347% YoY gain

He delivered exactly what he promised. Every month for over a year our SEO has been better than the month before it. We are now at the top of Google for many of the hardest keywords. We have dozens of #1 results, #2 results and #3 results. We recommend him to businesses who need assistance with SEO, Google Ads or conversion rate optimisation.

Robbie Clarke – Owner – Sell To Us

267% Explosion

He demystified SEO and made the whole process simple and easy to understand. His monthly reports, delivered in person, clearly showed the activity, expenditure, and most importantly, the clear and tangible results. He is an excellent SEO provider who has achieved exceptional results for New Homes Guide and played a major role in the launch and swift growth of the business.

Ben De Jonge – Director – Newhomesguide.com.au

6x #1 critical keywords

His dedication to our account led to increasing our SEO traffic to its highest level ever, and we were able to achieve the number one listing on six of our critical keywords/phrases. We thoroughly recommend him to organisations looking to optimise their SEO results

Loretta Sivwright – General Manager of Marketing – Satterley Property Group

159% Landslide

We had achieved some impressive results without SEO, but our organic traffic had been essentially static for two years. Since he came on board, organic traffic has improved by 68%, with overall revenue improving significantly. Inner pages have done particularly well, with a 159% increase in traffic. Our website now features in the first 2 positions for many of our industry’s most valuable keywords”

Andrew Smith – Director – Golfbox

Carpets and Floor at Yours SEO Testimonial

377% YoY gains

He helped us to significantly improve our SEO traffic. We now regularly appear in the number one position for many of the most important keywords to our company.

Peter Kluvers – Director – Carpets and Floors

Property Registry SEO Testimonial

139% YoY gains

With his help, we have improved our SEO traffic by 139% vs this time last year. Our website continues to climb positions every month, even on the most competitive keywords.

Mathew Del Bianco – Director – Property Registry

8 Reason to choose our SEO company

Here are 8 reasons why our company is a top choice for Perth SEO.

Perth SEO originals and still the best

Our SEO agency was founded in 2011 which makes us one of Perth’s original SEO services. For the past decade, we have dominated search. Our testimonials are from names you will recognize.

The hardest keywords in Perth

Our SEO agency ranks for the hardest keywords in Perth, imagine what we could do for you on the easier keywords.

Better value

We are not too big, not too small. We are not the cheapest, nor are we the most expensive yet we arguably provide the best SEO service in Perth. Our agency has a better capacity than an SEO freelancer and is more dynamic than slow-moving cookie-cutter SEO services.

Quality Control

With our director’s name on the door as an assurance of quality and our SEO service stands out in a crowd of generically name companies. We care greatly about each account we work on.

Bs free zone

Our communication is always clear and we never fudge the numbers. Our SEO reports show the before and after with nothing to hide. It’s our results that keep customers not contracts.

SEO specialists not SEO gurus

No intangible Matras or prays are required. SEO is a process that is repeatable based on experience, work rate and time. That’s why we rank so well. It’s our experience and willingness to work effectively that makes us experts at SEO.

A safe, local choice

We don’t spam. As a local SEO company, we don’t use risky overseas methods. Our SEO specialists believe that white hat SEO strategies are the key.

National experience

Small fish big pond? Not us. We are experts at SEO in Perth and we are also SEO experts in Australian SEO having worked on a number of prominent national brands to deliver success. Our SEO agency’s HQ is in Perth, Western Australia and services Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney as well as everywhere in between. We have also worked on several international campaigns over the years.

SEO Reviews

Read more of our Perth SEO reviews from Google and Facebook.

Scott Shorter have significantly increased our sales and new customers . I am highly recommend their service
kevin chen
kevin chen
Scott helped our business to rank in the top position for “hand sanitiser for sensitive skin” in less than 12 months. The rank of all keywords has improved each month and the traffic has increased each month
Sen Skin
Sen Skin
We had achieved some impressive results before we met and with his help our growth has continued to a 139% improvement on this time last year. The rank of our most difficult keywords has improved each month.
Mathew Del Bianco
Mathew Del Bianco
Scott gives great advice and guidance that works!
Smart ideas
terry J Ross
terry J Ross
Thank you Scott for your ongoing support and mentoring to our youth in the Transition to Work program who are interested in a carer in SOE, SEM & Social Media. Your patience, support and kindness is very much appreciated.
Sheree Fitzpatrick
Sheree Fitzpatrick
2 months in and stoked I made this decision. I went through a fairly comprehensive process to choose a new adwords consultant - comparing 8 of them across some key domains. While Scott wasn't the cheapest, he also wasn't even close to the most expensive and his ROI is worth every penny. Thanks mate
Jamie Moore
Jamie Moore
What Do You Do if you’ve phoned a stranger to know if he provides a specific service, with guaranteed outcomes, that nobody else seems to understand or accomplish?Last week I phoned Scott, who must have given me an hour on the phone. He made suggestions, clarified points according to his understanding and told me straight that this was something he had not been asked to do before, wondered if this was the best way to achieve the desired outcome and gave no guarantees.He suggested a trial based on results that cost me nothing.I don’t yet know if I will hire Scott for this task, as the task itself may need to change.However, I am confident that when I phone Scott with another brief for something he does all the time, I would be hiring him.Based on his ability to communicate and preparedness to assist me to succeed, I could only rate this phone call with 5 stars.’
Chris De Havilland
Chris De Havilland
Scott and his team are very professional. They know exactly what they are doing and keep us informed. We have seen results due the seo work done, they keywords suggested by Scott are good and have definitely helped. We are now working with him on Google ads/search ads which I believe is going to be our next step to be on the first page of Google in 3 months time since we engaged with them, so I'm really happy and can highly recommend these hard working people who get us results!
Atomic Build
Atomic Build
Another venture safely growing thanks to Scott and his team.
Express Vape
Express Vape
Being a new business didn't stop Scott from being able to help me. On the contrary he has helped me expand rapidly and move beyond my expectations towards furthering my goals.
Vape Station
Vape Station
Professional team and effective service
Nic Johnsen
Nic Johnsen
I met with Scott today and was blown away by his professionalism and how easy he was to talk to. Felt comfortable divulging my details and confident Scott was capable of facilitating my business moving forward. Thank you, Scott.
Greg Hamann
Greg Hamann
Scott Shorter and his team helped me get to the first page on google searches in no time, I highly recommend their services.
Ian Burman
Ian Burman
Thanks to Scott Shorter i now understand what getting to the "front page"of Google is all about.i now feel in control of my business at last .Thanks a lot team good effort !!Cheers
derek price
derek price
Scott Shorter has been very generous with his time and knowledge by advising us how best to promote our business in an appropriate way for our particular industry. As clinical psychologists, it is important for us to promote our specialist services in an ethical and informative way to ensure we access appropriate clientele.Dr Kellie JonesClinical PsychologistVivid Psychology
Dave Baggett
Dave Baggett

Our SEO specialists are experienced In:

  • SEO for companies large and small
  • SEO services for Perth customers
  • Achieving results for Australia’s most competitive industries
  • Local, national, and international SEO services.

Our SEO services include

  • Local experts and point of contact
  • Comprehensive website audits
  • No Lock in contracts
  • No limits on keywords
  • No hidden charges
  • On-page optimisation
  • Website planning
  • Penalty removals if necessary
  • Competitor analysis
  • Extensive keyword research
  • SEO copywriting
  • White hat SEO link building
  • Rank Tracking
  • Phone, email, web tracking
  • Regular Updates

Local SEO services

  • Our company HQ is here in Perth
  • 20 years of experience with Perth SEO strategies.
  • We consistently rank in the top 3 for the hardest SEO keywords in Perth

Our SEO Director

Scott Shorter SEO Specialist in Perth

Biography: He is the owner and managing director of the company. With a B.Comms – BSc (M) Multimedia & Internet Computing, he has been involved with SEO in Perth for over 20 years. His learning has been validated through experience with over 1500 search campaigns, having worked for a number of prominent SEO companies in senior leadership roles. His experience ensures well-founded strategies based on actual performance. His experience ranges from small to large corporate enterprises. View Linked-in Profile

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