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Why be a number in a factory when you can deal with Scott directly. No SEO contracts, no BS, just results.

We’re a Perth based SEO company with 20+ years of experience. If you’re looking for the best SEO company in 2021, our results do the talking.

We believe that we have the best SEO testimonials in the industry and we rank on difficult key phrases like, “SEO Perth”, “SEO Services” and “SEO Companies” where it’s normal to see our website in the top 3.

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SEO for hard keywords

We practice what we preach. See how our SEO company ranks for super hard keywords. How many SEO companies do you know who can SEO like this? Not many if any!

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Perth’s #1 SEO

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SEO customers

Scott has overseen the search engine optimisation of more than 1000 Perth based companies. Since starting his own SEO agency in Perth in 2011, he has worked his way up the ladder to help many national companies such as P&N Bank, Health Engine, Tyresales, Golfbox & GMF. During this journey, he has also helped many advertising agencies in a white label capacity to optimize their clients and has been a guest speaker on the topic of Search Engine Optimization for Ad School

SEO services

Recommended by customers for our results.

#1 in 3 months

Within three months we improved our SEO position into the top spot for the key phrases “security companies” and “security company”

David Lyons – PM – Wilson Security

206.32% Skyrocket

Scott took us in after our past SEO consultants caused a Google penalty on our website. Our account manager, not only got rid of the penalty but implemented local strategies that help us rank in the top 3 for high traffic keywords such as “garage doors perth” and “roller door perth”. We now sit snuggly in the top 3 places in Google Maps for many relevant local keywords. This has made our SEO traffic skyrocket 206.32% from where we started! Our online presence has never been more evident. Scott’s local SEO services ensure a white hat, a moral approach to local SEO that are highly effective and generates lots of business

Damian Regnault & Mark Arvino – Perth Garage Door

CCI SEO Testimonial

44.78% in 3 months

Scott unlocked our website’s SEO to make a dramatic improvement in our organic rankings. We have now improved our organic position on many of our most important key phrases to the very top of Google and the SEO driven traffic to our website has also risen considerably

Brigitte Black – Team Leader CCIWA

Plunkett Homes SEO Testimonial

123% Improved

His SEO program has delivered two years of consecutive growth for Plunkett Homes. Our SEO traffic has improved 123% measured over two years or 52.8% year on year. His quarterly reports presented in person have been easy to understand and the results have been delivered largely autonomously without requiring an investment of time from Plunkett

Emma Downsborough – Sales & Marketing Plunkett Homes

159% in 6 months

He turned around a decreasing trend in our SEO traffic to deliver a 159% increase in organic traffic within 6 months. He also provided CRO suggestions that have assisted to deliver additional revenue across channels

Damian Cook – Director – TyreSales

298% Supernova

His SEO recommendations assisted our website to increase non-branded monthly organic visitors by in excess of six figures. We saw an increase of 150% within 12 months and since this time we have continued to experience growth beyond a 298% improvement.

Adam Yap – Chief Operations Officer and Executive Director Health Engine

347% YoY gain

He delivered exactly what he promised. Every month for over a year our SEO has been better than the month before it. We now at the top of Google for many of the hardest keywords. We have dozens of #1 results, #2 results and #3 results. We recommend him to businesses who need assistance with SEO, Google Ads or conversion rate optimisation.

Robbie Clarke – Owner – Sell To Us

267% Explosion

He demystified SEO and made the whole process simple and easy to understand. His monthly reports, delivered in person, clearly showed the activity, expenditure, and most importantly, the clear and tangible results. He is an excellent SEO provider who has achieved exceptional results for New Homes Guide and played a major role in the launch and swift growth of the business.

Ben De Jonge – Director – Newhomesguide.com.au

Highest level ever

His dedication to our account led to increasing our SEO traffic to its highest level ever, and we were able to achieve the number one listing on six of our critical keywords/phrases. We thoroughly recommend Scott to organisations looking to optimise their SEO results

Loretta Sivwright – General Manager of Marketing – Satterley Property Group

159% Landslide

We had achieved some impressive results without SEO, but our organic traffic had been essentially static for two years. Since Scott came on board, organic traffic has improved by 68%, with overall revenue improving significantly. Inner pages have done particularly well, with a 159% increase in traffic. Our website now features in the first 2 positions for many of our industry’s most valuable keywords”

Andrew Smith – Director – Golfbox

Carpets and Floor at Yours SEO Testimonial

377% YoY gains

“He helped us to significantly improve our SEO traffic. We now regularly appear in the number one position for many of the most important keywords to our company.”

Peter Kluvers – Director – Carpets and Floors

Our SEO Customers Recommend Us

Read our Perth based SEO reviews from Google and Facebook.

Scott presented an excellent online session about SEO to my Applied Digital Marketing students at Edith Cowan University. Scott was very well prepared and delivered an outstanding presentation which included lots of great industry examples. His session was very well received by students and helped them in completing one of their assessments. Thank you, Scott!
Violetta Wilk
Violetta Wilk
“Thanks to Scott, we’ve grown our business every single month for the past 12 months. Our website was brand new and after 12 months we’re outranking established businesses who have invested in SEO for much longer periods of time.”
Scott and his team are very professional and knowledgeable in SEO, quality link building and adwords. We can highly recommend them as they have increased the queries we receive.
Nikesh Gudka
Nikesh Gudka
Very professional and welcoming. On top of expert and up to date knowledge, Scott is also very approachable. He walks you through every part of the SEO process so you always know what's going on and you're able to optimise more efficiently on your own in the future.
Jordan Elias
Jordan Elias
“Scott Shorter took us in after our past SEO consultants caused a Google penalty on our website. Our Scott Shorter SEO Specialists, not got rid of the penalty but implemented local SEO strategies that help us rank in the top 3 for high traffic keywords such as “garage doors perth” and “roller door perth”. We now sit snuggly in the top 3 places in Google Maps for many relevant local keywords. This has made our organic traffic skyrocket 206.32% from where we started! Our online presence has never been more evident. Scott’s local SEO services ensures a white hat, moral approach to local SEO that are highly effective and generates lots of business.”
Damian Regnault
Damian Regnault
Scott and his team have been an absolute pleasure to work with over the past few years. They have not only improved our site’s SEO, but have helped us better understand online content management, and how to better manage our site and its content and campaigns. They have also freely provided excellent advice in areas outside their scope of work. We recommend their services to any business looking to improve their SEO and have a greater understanding of online content in general.
Property Wizards Buyer's Agents & Finance Brokers
Property Wizards Buyer's Agents & Finance Brokers
Scott Shorter jumped our SEO traffic 30% in the year we have been with them. Our Adwords conversions also increased dramatically. I was impressed with Scott's knowledge and his ability to move us forward. I thought our previous SEO / SEM company did well but Scott and his team surpassed my expectations. Hugo, as our account manger, is great to work with. He is knowledgeable, responds to questions quickly and comes up with good practical solutions.
J Curnot
J Curnot
Always going above and beyond to make sure i fully understand how SEO works and how important it is for my business!
Jerome Felix
Jerome Felix
Scott was extremely generous with his time and knowledge. He was fantastic at explaining the basis of SEO, to increase my own understanding in this area. Very grateful for his help, highly recommend to anyone needing a google bump!
bexEsler design
bexEsler design
I met with Scott today for the first time to discuss SEO and PPC marketing. I have been burnt by several marketing companies in the past and was concerned with spending any more money on online marketing again. However, Scott seemed genuine, knowledgeable and honest in everything he said. Scott spent 2 hours talking and showing me how SEO works and how things with previous marketing companies were done inefficiently. He also went through how we could get results quickly and where things would take some time, something no other SEO company has done before which is great. I would also like to say that the way he manages his team and his business is also positive. He has a good vibe in his office and it looks like he never over commits work to his employees to ensure they provide customers with a good result. One thing I was a little concerned about was the accuracy of proposal put forward however this could have been partially my fault for springing a meeting on Scott the day after I had a talked to him on the phone in order to prepare everything. Hopefully in future he could be a little more prepared or maybe delay the meeting so everything could be in order before I arrive. Scott, thanks so much and I am genuinely looking forward to working with you and hope you provide some good result and ROI for my business. A positive follow up review on Google will come after we start working together. Thanks for your time Scott. Jamie Wright.
Nerds 2 You
Nerds 2 You
Highly recommended for SEO services through Scott Shorter for your business, I found them professional, accurate and effective. The results were excellent, thank you! 🙂
Miranda “MpandA” R
Miranda “MpandA” R
After years of trying to achieve a good ranking through Google and getting nowhere, I contacted Scott Shorter. He took the time to have a look at my website then explain to me in detail how he could achieve better SEO results for my business. Everything Scott explained to me made a lot of sense. I feel comfortable having Scott take over my SEO and I look forward to a continuing business relationship into the future.Eireann Mahauariki - Framing on Jubilee
Eireann Mahauariki
Eireann Mahauariki
Scott Shorter and his team have been fantastic with their time and patience in getting by business to the next level. Their knowledge and savvy understanding of how SEO works keeps on putting me ahead of the competition. They are fantastic to deal with, and consisntantly prompt.Thank you Scott Shorter!!
Rebecca Williams
Rebecca Williams
Contacted Scott Shorter looking for some SEO Advice. He took time out of his day to explain some further SEO options. Since then I have taken the advice and couldn't be more thankful to Scott for his assistance.
I am very happy with the advice and service that Scott Shorter has provided for our business. After originally meeting with Scott Shorter and the presentation they gave I had a very clear understanding of how SEO and SEM works and knew we had found the right company to work with to improve our website and Google rankings. The team at Scott Shorter are very knowledgeable and efficient and I would recommend them to anyone looking to improve there website using SEO or SEM services.
Amanda Davies
Amanda Davies
We've tried a few SEO and SEM service providers over the last few years, and without any hesitation the team at Scott Shorter are a stand out. They know their craft really well, deliver, and are quick to respond.
Amanda Slinger
Amanda Slinger

What makes our SEO company special?

Perth’s originals and still the best

Founded in 2011, we are one of the original Perth SEO services and have consistently delivered industry-leading results. Our testimonials are from names you will recognize.

Better value

Our agency has a better capacity than an SEO freelancer and is more dynamic than slow-moving cookie-cutter SEO services. We are not the cheapest, nor are we the most expensive yet we arguably provide the best SEO service in Perth.

Responsible Selling

Our Perth based SEO services stand out in a crowded market with the director’s name on the door as an assurance of quality. With this comes the assurance that we’ll never price our SEO services above a positive return on investment.

Bs free zone

The term, “SEO consultants” isn’t one we take lightly as we prefer to think of ourselves as specialists or experts because this is a science to us. “SEO Guru” whilst flattering has somewhat of a less tangible feel to us. We always aspire to the best SEO company that we can be.

A safe, local choice

As a local SEO company, we don’t use risky overseas methods. Our SEO specialists believe that white hat SEO strategies are essential, and longevity is key.

National experience

Although we are experts in Perth SEO, We are also SEO experts in Australian based local SEO. Our SEO agency is located in Perth, Western Australia, and services Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney as well as everywhere in between. He has also worked on several international campaigns over the years.

Our SEO specialists are experienced In:

  • SEO services for Perth customers
  • Achieving results for Australia’s most competitive industries
  • Local, national, and international SEO services.
  • Achieving results quickly

Our SEO services include

  • Website planning
  • Penalty removals if necessary
  • Competitor analysis
  • Extensive keyword research
  • SEO copywriting
  • Comprehensive website audits
  • On-page optimisation
  • Advance goal configuration
  • Phone, email, web tracking

Local SEO services

  • Our SEO specialists based in Perth
  • Fast response
  • Search Director’s supervision and continual involvement in your account
  • Regular meetings with the company Director
  • KPI’s against baselines

Our SEO Director

Scott Shorter SEO Specialist in Perth

Biography: He is the owner and managing director of the company. With a B.Comms – BSc (M) Multimedia & Internet Computing, he has been involved with SEO in Perth for over 20 years. His learning has been validated through experience with over 1500 search campaigns, having worked for a number of prominent SEO companies in senior leadership roles. His experience ensures well-founded strategies based on actual performance. His experience ranges from small to large corporate enterprises. View Linked-in Profile

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Hear our best SEO ideas for free. Successful million-dollar strategies. Learn something that you can immediately apply to your business.

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Hear our best strategies for free. Successful million-dollar ideas. Learn something that you can immediately apply to your business.

No strings and no obligation to buy so what have you got to lose?

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Google Rating
Based on 48 reviews
Facebook Rating
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