Discovering really big problems with infrastructure of high value corporations and or government and military.

It is a great burden that I know of this and many other 0 days hacks which are effecting near the whole population of Australia and greater global community. There is mind bending amounts of money and society based implications at stake. These problems which I’ve researched are easily something that one could go missing over. The worst mistake I made was doing as my father suggested, reporting it to our authorities. My Dad hasn’t realized yet the condition of our governments in respect to corruption. He’s a good man but like most deceived by the narrative told through the main communication channels. The media pyramid. I’d tell anyone thinking of trying to help any other company with security to find the right way to disclose it to them. You can’t say who and you can’t say what to anyone except the correct person or it’s a federal offence you’re playing with the current lay of the land possibly the globe. Don’t rush it. There are too many perils to even begin to describe in this story, perhaps I’ll explain them to you another time. Do not rush into disclosure for it is almost certainly that the only reason you’re still alive may be that you hold the information. You alone holding it however is high risk. You need to create multiple dead-mans switches asap that is what I’ve concluded over the past 2 and a bit years living with the burdens described here in this post.

Yet another un-patched hole in one of the worlds most popular computer company. Billions effected by the ramifications…. I know some of the spooks know I found this. I have seen them mimic my discovery and serve it to me shortly after. Well done that was impressive and flattering to know you guys put that much resource into little old me….. If it really is the fault of this company or it’s a bubble via a man in the middle attack, I don’t really care for with respect to the reason I am making this public note. It’s neither here nor there when the ramifications of such a wide compromise within Australia is discovered. I am still amazed by the fact that typing ‘root’ with no password gives access to their systems, That isn’t the 0 day I’m saying that I have found. I found possibly two but one of them has been found before I’m sure. That makes me wonder why it hasn’t been fixed? I’ve even gone so far as to find a machine which pre-dates their suggested time at which this  became an issue and almost certainly proven it was longer than that. (granted my sample is to small to be conclusive) and furthermore how long that hole existed. As an expert witness to a prominent IP lawyer dealing with multinational court cases previously and being the only person in Western Australia selected by Google to visit for a preview of the future, a thank-you for being the highest spending agency in the space I would suggest that humble old me has the authority to comment on the significance of such matters when it pertains to its ramification to court cases past and present. If there was any doubt and I don’t mean to ‘toot’ my own horn and of course I was lucky with respect to the stars aligning to give me the opportunities but I am not aware of anyone else in Australia with results close to the testimonials we have for optimizing search algorithms for visibility. We have a rule never to say that we are the best that’s vain. What I will say is that we’re the best that we have seen and unless proven otherwise I think the above should give our voice the weight it needs in your mind to be significant…. also we have never had a review <5 stars in 6~ years. Over ~1500 Australian businesses optimized.

Should my opinion be counted as authoritative in court I’d suggest so.

Should this be a man in the middle attack, well then, where are you extremely large and well resourced company, please do come and explain to me why this keeps happening? You haven’t done too much to follow up with me? Perhaps I’m holding out for the recognition I requested before I disclose it? You mean to say you’d rather leave it be than credit me as the source? Is it your marketing that has created this false sense of security?

The manufacture of the computer as opposed to the idea of the man in the middle has invited me to share the 0 day with them. I have received an email from their @domain address with instruction on how to securely disclose it.  I only hesitate as I don’t know for sure anything can get past the man in the middle for I know it to be the proven fact that there is a man in the middle. Is there both?