Your customers are tired of counting to 10.

The online marketing strategists at Scott Shorter work to make sure your website stands front and center of Google, Facebook and other online platforms. hide-and-seek-funny-kids-3

Why do our clients love us?

We’re no smoke and mirrors.

You’ll notice that our folders aren’t glossy and our staff aren’t corporate robots because well… who has time for that? We’ve got all the smooth digital moves, but none of the smoke and mirrors. Our reports are straight to the point. We believe in transparency and gaining honest, ethical results. If there were going to be frills, we’d rather waste that time on extraordinary SEO/SEM strategies for YOU.

We’re no contracts, just results.

We’re so confident, we don’t bother with the contracts. We believe you’ll stay for the profit we bring in, not because we’ve got you in shackles. That’s the ethical way and the Scott Shorter way.

We don’t divide up our roles.

With us, you’ll notice the specialist that implements the changes to your website will be the same person you see in meetings and the same person that you can call for any issues. Too often we hear about “Account Managers” that do all the promising but none of the action. We make the promises that we know we can deliver on. We hire with a fine tooth comb. Our specialists excel in both account management and digital marketing skills so that, as your website grows in traffic, so will your relationship with your specialist/account manager and your understanding of digital marketing.

We don’t abandon your traffic.

Digital companies love to talk about “increasing traffic” and don’t get us wrong, we are more than capable of doing that but for us, there are 2 parts of the puzzle. 1. Exponentially grow the traffic to your site – relevance, copy, rankings, site structure, page sculpting, links (we’ll demystify this for you later) 2. Design the user experience of your website to encourage users to call, email or complete the objective you want. It’s not just about more traffic. It’s about more clients, happier clients and in hand, more profit.

W’re all about a return on your SEO and SEM spend.

We have return on investment in mind when we price our packages. We don’t offer you a strategy that you can’t make a profit from. It’s as simple as that. The second we hand you a proposal we’ve got the numbers clear and crunched. Seek out Scott Shorter now.  

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