In ~2017 I was proud when I was the only person chosen from Western Australia to be flown to Google as a thank-you. Google shared with many a glimpse of the future and gave me a ~2-year head start. That brings us to now ~2019

Scott Shorter inside the offices of Google Sydney

Scott Shorter inside the offices of Google Sydney

In 2019 I am perhaps more proud to be invited to the 2019 Defence Innovation Hub Annual Industry Conference. Places are extremely limited and the event is at capacity.

What’s an optimisation wizard doing at a Defence conference?

Am I going there to try and sell search engine optimisation to major weapons companies? No don’t be daft the places are limited, they are for people who have something worthwhile to contribute to sovereignty, not the profit lines.

2019 Defence Innovation Hub Annual Industry Conference

My invite to the 2019 Defence Innovation Hub Annual Industry Conference

What makes me so special?

Utilising our arguably esoteric skills, I have trained myself to recognise patterns in large systems (Google, Facebook) etc. Applying this mindset to the real-life physical problem of today,  I’ve designed a number of ideas and systems to ensure that human rights, individualism and see that sovereignty for all countries survives a little longer. We’ve done so with the same mentality that made us arguable the most successful at what we do presently.

These projectss are designed to optimise for world sovereignty and include but are not limited to,

Instamob Detection Software

  • Our flagship product is developed for the Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority Grants and for other companies and countries interested in the strengthening of their sovereignty against the influence of Instamobs. Our system detects the formations of mobs. The system can process any live footage as well as retrospectively scan any video footage of reasonable quality to identify traveling wolf packs of instamobsters.

Will this program stop peaceful protests?

  • No, it doesn’t work that way. The application focuses on gang-stalking type activities. This is not a product which detects Mums going to concerts and it has no capacity to detect a mum going to concerts. There is nothing detectable about this behaviour it would appear to be normal. The software focuses on the modern-day equivalent of stalking, road blocks and other types of gang stalking.

Stabilising sovernity and avoiding the Orwellian dystopia,

Obviously if a country is sovernity because it has been turned into an Orwellian dystopian nightmare of survaliance that’s no good. We’re not here to do that with the above and to prove there we’re here to reverse the Orwellian scenario we are proud to put forward an unstoppable idea that should, in theory, reverse the majority of untoward that comes from the war on the poor.

Hard^2Remove Advocate System / Evidence Recorder and Dead Mans Switch (Phone Application)

This application can help anyone who is wrongfully treated by anyone.. Especially helpful for those with mental or other disabilities…for anyone vulnerable… children… First Nation Peoples…Journalists…Activists… Religiously Persecuted… Business and Political leaders…..many others…

Other ideas we’d like to collaborate on.

There have been 3 fatal Police on Police shootings in the last 12 months inside of Police HQ’s. Smarter Every Day has developed guns out of holsters image recognition gun detection technology. We are attempting to license great software such and below and bring to Australia to protect the Police and other service people who must live around each other carrying guns.