We recommend social media cautiously as it can typically be a time intensive exercise with potential online reputation management concerns. Our experience in this sector allows us to make recommendations that will directly drives sales, while reducing time wasted and mitigating reputation management concerns.

We offer three dimensional Social Media strategies in Perth

In our experience, obtaining the greatest increase in ROI is not a one dimensional social media approach, but a combination of three channels in a holistic approach. For example,

  • SEO could drive the bulk of targeted traffic to your website cheaply
  • Qualified visitors could then be entered into a remarketing campaign via SEM
  • Lastly, customers could then be funnelled to your social fan or landing page via the correct call to action to complete your objective

A holistic approach can result in significantly higher conversion rates and a much greater volume of traffic. Our strategies also employ the use of clever solutions to ensure that your prominence in three or more channels does not require 3 times the resources (financial or time based).

We believe that your time is valuable and, as such, we consider this when calculating an ROI.

Advertising analysis and campaign management

At Scott Shorter, we can provide upfront answers to the following questions and can assist with management and reporting over the life your campaign:

  • Which search network should you be advertising in? Facebook, LinkedIn etc.
  • What are the likely CPC/CPM costs and will there be a profitable ROI?
  • What strategies can be utilised to minimise costs?
  • What should banner advertisements say and where should they point to?
  • What is an effective landing page strategy?
  • What conversion optimisation methods can be employed to improve conversion rates?
  • How can banner blindness be managed over time?
  • What demographic should you be targeting? i.e. age, sex, interests
  • Which geographic market will provide you with the greatest ROI considering your brand awareness?

Landing page strategy

Social v traditional landing pages

For many business the answer is ‘no’, you should not have a social fan/profile page. Having one will dramatically increase the amount of time a brand must dedicate to online reputation management. The alternative can be as simple as funnelling people out from social media to a more traditional landing page where there is no opportunity for social conversation and customer to business conversation can be encourage on a direct one-on-one basis.

Social media with a purpose

A lot can be gained from a strong social media presence. However, as it is such a time intensive medium, a well planned out strategy is always recommended rather than a ‘rush in and see’ approach. At Scott Shorter, we specialise in the creation of social profile and website landing pages with a purpose. Typically, our strategies are based around KPI’s that can be measured. For example, our goal might to generate 1,000 signups to a company’s mailing list. How we facilitate this objective is often a combination of custom fan page programming, multiple channels driving traffic and the right banner messages.

Social Media Reputation Management

Social media enables and empowers individuals to both reach a broad audience and damage a brand reputation in real time. Online conversation by third parties discussing your brand will be happening right now, whether you like it or not. As companies grow they may be unaware of negative customer experiences, which may be voiced online. It is proven that an individual’s social recommendations increase sales, however the converse is equally true. A customer’s negative tweet, Facebook status or review tends to be trusted by their network of friends (who are, more often than not, a matching demographic and potential sales base). Responding to these events in real time can not only minimise damage, it can convert disgruntled customers into loyal fans and make a lasting impression on a broader network of like-minded individuals.

To respond to these comments a real time, social media monitoring tools must be employed to identify comments as they happen. Not only is it impossible to identify when and where these comments are happening without such a tool, the primary benefits of responding early ensures that a cascade of negative comments do not accumulate.

Identifying the comments in real time is the first step in the strategy, the second step is authorising a representative to reply. This step is critical, as defusing the situation requires careful consideration. A reply strategy that does not involve the company director’s time is essential to making this a cost effective activity. With a carefully thought out response strategy and clear escalation channel, the day to day social media task of monitoring and replying can be outsourced in most cases. Having daily or weekly reporting and carefully planned escalation channels will ensure a low time investment for the company while accurately presenting the brand in a conflict situation.

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