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Scott Shorter is a Sydney SEO consultant who will get you the results. There are no contracts, no outsourcing and no black hat. National brands and Universities trust Scott for his reputation in the SEO industry. He is an accomplished SEO specialist who can help you climb Google’s mountain to success.

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Well-known Australian brands and Universities trust Scott Shorter for his ability to demystify SEO and deliver results. He is one of Australia’s most passionate and experienced SEO specialists and his website ranks in Google for difficult keywords such as “SEO Sydney”.

Google Rating
Based on 103 reviews
seo sydney

SEO specialist

trusted by national brands

As an independent SEO specialist for Sydney, Scott has provided SEO services to national brands. He is trusted for providing safe SEO strategies that deliver the goods. If you’re a Syndey company, looking for local, national or international SEO, Scott can help.

Grow with Sydney’s #1 SEO expert

Your business can grow with an expert who practises what they preach. See how our Scott Shorter ranks #1 in Google. measurement firm rates these keywords ‘Hard’.

Key PhraseRank
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Take your business to the next level without contracts

Investing in SEO can provide long-lasting benefits. Unlike other forms of marketing, the improvements made to your website through the SEO process are long-lasting and will continue to benefit you in the future. Our SEO includes on-page and off-page optimization to improve your website’s visibility, and the best part is that you can track the progress as your rankings improve over time. This makes SEO a great investment for any company looking to improve their online presence.

SEO without lock-in contracts

No Lock-in Contracts

Our results keep customers, not contracts.

SEO Trusted By Industry

Trusted by industry

Trusted by universities and national brands.

Sydney SEO with no lock-in contracts

SEO results

Scott Shorter’s SEO services have helped well-known Australian brands to grow. Will you be next?

Within three months Scott Shorter improved our position into the number one spot for the key phrases “security companies” and “security company” David Lyons – PM – Wilson Security

David LyosProject Manager

Scott Shorter turned around a decreasing trend in our SEO traffic to deliver a 159% increase in organic traffic within 6 months. He also provided CRO suggestions that have assisted in delivering additional revenue across channels Damian Cook – Director

Damian CookDirector

Scott’s SEO recommendations assisted our website in increasing non-branded monthly organic visitors by in excess of six figures. We saw an increase of 150% within 12 months and since this time, we have continued to experience growth beyond a 298% improvement. Adam Yap – Chief Operations Officer and Executive Director

Adam YapChief Operations Officers and Executive Director

SEO expert trusted by Universities

Organizations trust the Scott Shorter brand for its reputation in the SEO industry. As an SEO expert for Sydney, Scott’s abilities to demystify SEO have been recognised in multiple speaking engagements for Ad School, Engineering Institute of Technology, Edith Cowan University and Leaders Industry Experts.

SEO specialist for companies of all size

Whether you’re a Sydney-based business of considerable size and reputation, or a new business trying to make a name for yourselves, Scott Shorter is the ideal SEO specialist for you. Scott Shorter has experience from large to small!

SEO for Sydney's Small To Medium Enterprise


SEO for Sydney's Enterprises

National Brands

SEO for Sydney's organisations


Business TypeExperience
SEO for tradesHigh
SEO for small businessesHigh
SEO for new startupsHigh
SEO for medium-sized companiesHigh
SEO for national brandHigh
SEO for publishersHigh
SEO for eCommerce websitesHigh
Local SEO campaignsHigh
National SEO campaignsHigh
International SEO campaignsHigh

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What’s included?

SEO Expirence

20 Years Of Experience

Scott Shorter has been involved with SEO since before Google.

SEO Updates

Track ROI

Measure your rankings, organic visitors and organic conversions. Watch as your business climbs.

Advanced SEO

Advanced SEO

We call it advanced SEO, which is what you get after honing your skills in SEO for over 20 years.

On-page and Off-page SEO

Onpage + Offpage

We’ll optimise your website’s on-page and off-page SEO to increase your rankings safely.

SEO Reporting

Regular Reports

No contracts + regular updates. It’s a great combination.


White hat methods only. No Spamming. Safety and longevity are at the core of what our SEO specialists do.

Capable SEO


We have pages and pages of empirical evidence that prove that our SEO company achieves tangible SEO results.

Good SEO companies in Sydney

Our Sydney SEO company

We’ve established our core values as DEEP. Demystifying, Effective, Ethical and Partnering and at our SEO company, our director’s name on the door ensures all our SEO experts are always living up to our vision.

An SEO agency for Sydney that will do it right the first time

You’re here because you want a safe choice and you want to win. You also appreciate that business is a race and time isn’t something you can get back. Hire a Sydney SEO agency with five-star reviews, results for Australian national brands, that is trusted by Universities to get it right the first time.

Google Rating
Based on 103 reviews
SEO Agency Sydney

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we SEO consultants, SEO Freelancers or an SEO agency?

On-page and Off-page SEO

Are we SEO freelancers / consultants / experts / specialists or an SEO agency? We’re more than just one person, so you can be assured that we’ve got the personal power to get the work done. We move fast and stay dynamic. That’s how we’ve become one of the best SEO companies in Australia.

What is SEO?

SEO refers to the study of the rankings signals used by search engines such as Google and the application of changes to your website to align it with these ranking signals. The closer your website is aligned with the rankings signals, the higher your ranking will become.

How does SEO work in 2023?

In 2023 the main signals used by Google include the relevance of a page to a search, the authority of a page from backlinking and in 2023, Google is placing increased emphasis on user experience, helpful content and the degree to which your website satisfies (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness).

How long does SEO last?

SEO lasts a long time which makes it a great investment. SEO builds a better, bigger website that ranks for more search terms. Stopping SEO will not make the website smaller or reduce the number of keywords which it ranks for. SEO also improves the authority of your website. Websites with higher authority outrank their competitors. Stopping SEO will not reduce the authority of the website.

How long does SEO take?

Results will improve within 15 to 30 days and continue to improve each month. 6 to 12 months is the average time to see strong improvement. This timeframe depends on how much SEO your competitors have and what the current status of your SEO is.

Is SEO still worth it in 2023?

SEO is still a great investment in 2023. SEO can provide a better ROI than ads, and SEO is also longer-lasting than other forms of advertising. SEO has a fixed monthly cost while the results improve. As the price of paid ads becomes increasingly more expensive, SEO is a strategy that has become increasingly valuable.

Sydney SEO Consultant Scott Shorter

SEO consultant Sydney

Scott can help your business climb Google’s mountain to success. Scott Shorter is a Sydney SEO consultant with 20+ years of SEO experience. He has managed over 1500 SEO campaigns. His qualifications include a B.Comms degree with a major in Interactive Multimedia Technologies and a supporting major in Internet Computing. These qualifications ensure that his customers receive advanced strategies based on an understanding of the internet’s underlying technologies.

His career includes leadership roles in prominent SEO agencies before he founded Scott Shorter Pty Ltd in 2011. Organisations trust Scott for his reputation in the SEO industry, and he has delivered multiple speaking engagements at Edith Cowan University, the Engineering Institute of Technology, WA Industry Leaders, and the Advertising Council of Australia. He is one of Australia’s most experienced and passionate SEO experts who can help your business navigate Google.

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