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Scott Shorter is a Melbourne SEO consultant who will get you results. There are no contracts, no outsourcing, no spamming, and no black hat.

Scott is trusted by national brands and by educators for his ability to demystify SEO. He is a trustworthy and authentic SEO specialist who can help you to climb Google’s mountain to success.

Wondering who is Melbourne’s best SEO company? Scott’s results do the talking.

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Organizations trust the Scott Shorter brand for its reputation in the SEO industry. Scott’s abilities to demystify SEO have been recognised in multiple speaking engagements for Ad School, Engineering Institute of Technology, Edith Cowan University and Leaders Industry Experts.

Results-driven SEO without contracts

No lock-in SEO contracts

At our SEO company, there are no lock-in contracts as we are results-driven.

Melbourne’s TOP SEO Results

Ramvek SEO Testimonial

6x #1 most important keywords

Scott turned around a decreasing trend in our SEO to secure the #1 position for six of our most important keywords

Kelly Bidesi, Ramvek Melbourne

Key PhraseRank In Google
retail fitouts1
retail fitouts Melbourne1
retail fitout Melbourne1
retail fit out Melbourne1
shopfitting company Melbourne1
shopfitting companies Melbourne1

SEO for large to small

Top brands, SME’s and startups chose Scott Shorter for their SEO.


  • Fast response time
  • Dedicated Australian-based account managers
  • Search Director’s supervision and continually involved in your account
  • Regular meetings with the Company Director
  • KPI’s against baselines
  • Rankings, Traffic, Goals

Melbourne’s top SEO consultant

Wilson Security SEO Testimonial

#1 in 3 months

Within three months Scott’s SEO services improved our position into the number one spot for the key phrases “security companies” and “security company”

David Lyons – PM – Wilson Security

Tyresales SEO Testimonial

159% increase

Scott Shorter turned around a decreasing trend in organic traffic to deliver a 159% increase in organic traffic within 6 months. Scott also provided CRO suggestions which have assisted to deliver additional revenue across channels

Damian Cook – Director – TyreSales

Healthengine SEO Testimonial

298% increase

Scott’s Shorter’s SEO recommendations assisted our website to increase non-branded monthly organic visitors by in excess of six figures. We saw an increase of 150% within 12 months and since this time we have continued to experience growth beyond a 298% improvement.

Adam Yap – Chief Operations Officer and Executive Director Health Engine

347% increase

He delivered exactly what he promised. Every month for over a year our SEO has been better than the month before it. We are now at the top of Google for many of the hardest keywords. We have dozens of #1 results, #2 results and #3 results. We recommend him to businesses who need assistance with SEO, Google Ads or conversion rate optimisation.

Robbie Clarke – Owner

Five-star SEO reviews

Read more of our all 5 star SEO reviews from Google & Facebook

Based on 70 reviews
Scott presented a well documented and insightful presentation to our team. It cut through a lot of the SEO jargon and enabled us to focus on the core things that we needed to change. This has resulted in a steady increase in organic traffic based in the areas we want to target.
Brad Lohoar
Brad Lohoar
06:55 14 Apr 22
I spoke to Scott at great length about SEO and found his wealth of knowledge informative and very easy to understand.I will definitely be using Scott's talents very soon
Chris Hanson
Chris Hanson
11:03 04 Oct 21
“Thanks to Scott, we’ve grown our business every single month for the past 12 months. Our website was brand new and after 12 months we’re outranking established businesses who have invested in SEO for much longer periods of time.”
09:53 05 Jan 21
Scott helped Progen Homes to make measurable improvements in our results each month. It is evident that he has a deep understanding of Perth SEO and has made swift work of optimising our website. We were so happy with his work and would highly recommend Scott to others in need of a local SEO expert in Perth.
Annabel Kidd
Annabel Kidd
01:13 13 Jul 22
The Scott Shorter Team are very approachable, consultative, and client-focused. They have provided great advice and guidance in relation to website migration, SEO, conversion rate optimisation, search engine marketing - and more. The team have been happy to meet in person and attend company conferences, or simply chat over email and phone.The results we have seen have been very promising as well.Our website numbers noticeably improved after appointing Scott Shorter as our SEO provider in 2014, and the team continue to make recommendations that continue to grow our audience. It has proven to be a very effective partnership.
Realmark Realmark
Realmark Realmark
05:23 24 Mar 17
I contacted Scott with issues surrounding recent google updates and subsequent instability in rankings. Scott and the team were able to offer immediate solutions and also a longer term strategy that was real. Refreshing change from "SEO" companies more intersted in selling links at a 1000% markup than giving actual strtategy. Cheers!
Ewen Lawrie
Ewen Lawrie
10:27 03 Aug 21
What can I say, Scott Shorter is not only a gifted person but also he offers a real life connection to individual's needs so regardless of your profession this guy can get your business running better than you probably ever imagined. Scott's work speaks for itself and in an industry where banta and propaganda can ruin people the one thing that makes him shine is the simple fact that there is no one else in Perth that is better than him at what he does.Scott Shorter has changed my life, offering to create a website for me as a personal project in his early days and then doing SEO since he has somehow turned a simple renderer into someone who has been referred to as being "Highly regarded online"I know I am the best at what I do but Scott was the guy to help everyone else in town know.. The other main thing I feel, it's that Scott Shorter is a real person just like you and me and not like most of the directors of other companies similar to his. If you've dealt with him in person yourself you will know his professionalism and drive to win the war cannot be replicated!If Scott was to personally help your business like he has helped mine then I can say that your future is looking promising. Each phone call that you recieve is a new window opening, you never know what the future holds for you!I owe everything I have to Scott Shorter and hold the highest respect for him and the work he has put in to help make my business be seen, not only that but he's guided me through a business journey offering tips and new ideas.. Putting things to me that I would never have thought of myself and basically trying his best to make my business prosper.I noticed he has a 5 star rating on Google, it's a shame the stars stop at 5 because I think he deserves more.Justin CastleOwner/directorJPC Plastering Perth
justin castle
justin castle
08:39 30 Apr 18
Scott's in-depth knowledge and experience in SEO is apparent and he's always tried to explain SEO techniques in a way that is easily understood. His clients are always his first priority and he's usually responsive to their calls.
Simeon Neo
Simeon Neo
09:02 11 Aug 20
During the period in which I have the privilege to work for him, Scott would go to an extreme length to ensure that his vast knowledge of SEO is easily understandable. His way of working has definitely improve a large number of customers portfolio and I would personally recommend him to anyone who needs improvement on their digital marketing.
Joshua Peter
Joshua Peter
03:21 13 Feb 20
Throughout my time of working with Scott, I have learned invaluable lessons of SEO management which have allowed me to gain a better understanding of digital marketing. Scott's clients are always his number one priority and this is evident through his outstanding customer service. I would certainly recommend this agency to any businesses looking to grow their online presence.
Dez Beale
Dez Beale
02:56 27 Feb 20
Scott presented an excellent online session about SEO to my Applied Digital Marketing students at Edith Cowan University. Scott was very well prepared and delivered an outstanding presentation which included lots of great industry examples. His session was very well received by students and helped them in completing one of their assessments. Thank you, Scott!
Violetta Wilk
Violetta Wilk
08:40 16 Feb 21
Scott is the grand master of SEO! He is very knowledgeable and helpful and got back to me quickly. Would highly recommend!
Josh R
Josh R
07:49 29 Jan 21
Scott provided my business with invaluable SEO optimisation info. He broke ideas down into actionable and effective advice to help kickstart the digital marketing for my business. I would recommend his company to anyone seeking to boost their search engine ranking.
Zac Bruce
Zac Bruce
02:41 03 Mar 22
Very professional and welcoming. On top of expert and up to date knowledge, Scott is also very approachable. He walks you through every part of the SEO process so you always know what's going on and you're able to optimise more efficiently on your own in the future.
Jordan Elias
Jordan Elias
04:35 24 Jan 20
Scott is the legend on SEO management! He manage to explain SEO in ways that a non-technical person like me could understand which allow me to share the same concept to my mates whose deciding to take up SEO. I was so thrilled and satisfied with his above and beyond customer service. Would definitely recommended him to potential owners taking up digital marketing. the world need more this honest business!
Lily OU
Lily OU
11:51 11 Jan 20
I spoke to Scott about assisting me with Google AdWords and SEO. He spent over an hour of his time giving me invaluable advice and tips and tricks, which I could easily implement myself. Scott was very professional and demonstrated his wealth of knowledge and integrity. I will definitely be using his services in the future. Thank you Scott.
Marilyn Losinjanin
Marilyn Losinjanin
04:24 13 Dec 21
Scott helped our business to rank with SEO in the number one position of Google for many of our most important keywords. We received an immediate boost to our rankings, followed by a steady increase each month. Scott also assisted our company to not only improve our ranking in Perth, but nationally in each capital city of Australia
Anna Anderson
Anna Anderson
03:49 05 Jan 22
Scott presented a fantastic half day of SEO training for our organisation.His presentation was thoroughly bespoke with many detailed examples. Just two weeks after implementing his recommendations we started to see positive changes in rankings, with keywords in positions 1-3 increasing by 20% and still growing.We recommend Scott to others looking for guidance on the SEO process.
Anna Abr
Anna Abr
06:44 14 Apr 22
Our Scott Shorter Account Manager, Jamie, made it a priority to demystify SEO and SEM so that I was able to really understand the digital strategies being implemented. This was provided through regular face to face meetings and a no BS approach (that I really appreciated!). Our company, Insight Environmental was a challenging account with a primarily offline business model. However, Jamie was personally invested in not just the digital growth of the company, but Insight Environmental as a brand. Her strategies were always implemented with the bigger picture in mind, specifically, how to take Insight as a business online and to include a new demographic of customers. Our Adwords campaign diversified our demographic and provided a multitude of qualified leads at an average cost per lead of $33.18. In the first three months we were able to attract 140 leads with a CPL of $30.14. Our organic growth also flourished with a growth of 90.26%. I greatly enjoyed working with the team at Scott Shorter and am excited to see where they take Insight Environmental in the future.
Roger Dartnell
Roger Dartnell
01:07 14 Jun 17

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Scott Shorter is a Melbourne SEO consultant and is the owner and managing director of Scott Shorter Pty Ltd. Before starting his agency in 2011, Scott was the head of the department for several SEO agencies, and with nearly more than twenty years of experience in SEO strategies, Scott has been involved in SEO since the industries inspection.

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