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Scott Shorter is an SEO expert who will get you the results. Since 2011 Scott has been getting results on Adelaide’s most difficult key phrases. His SEO agency has many of Adelaide’s top SEO examples, and his website ranks on page one of Google for competitive keywords such as, “SEO Adelaide”.

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Some of Australia’s most well-known brands and Universities rely on Scott Shorter to deliver results and to demystify SEO. He is an experienced and passionate SEO expert who can help you take your business to the next level.

Grow with Adelaide’s #1 SEO expert

Your business can grow with an expert who practises what they preach. See how our Scott Shorter ranks #1 in Google.

Key PhraseRank
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Take your business to the next level without lock-ins commitments

Investing in SEO can provide long-lasting benefits. Unlike other forms of marketing, the improvements made to your website through the SEO process are long-lasting and will continue to benefit you in the future. SEO investment does this by building for you a bigger, better website which is yours to keep. That is why the results can be so long-lasting. And the best bit? You can see your website growing, you can track the rankings improving, and you can measure the improvement to your bottom line.

Trusted by Industry

Trusted by Universities and national brands.

No Lock-in Contracts

Our SEO results keep customers, not contracts.

No contracts SEO Adelaide

SEO expert trusted by Universities

Organisations trust the Scott Shorter brand for its reputation in the SEO industry. Scott’s abilities to demystify SEO have been recognised in multiple speaking engagements for Ad School, Engineering Institute of Technology, Edith Cowan University and Leaders Industry Industry Experts.

Adelaide SEO trusted by Universities
Adelaide SEO consultant

Top Australian brands chose us for the best SEO

Adelaide companies who chose Scott Shorter as their SEO specialist range in size from a bank to a sole trader.

Top SEO results for national brands

Scott Shorter turned around a decreasing trend in our SEO traffic to deliver a 159% increase in organic traffic within 6 months. He also provided CRO suggestions that have assisted in delivering additional revenue across channels Damian Cook – Director

Damian CookDirector

Within three months Scott Shorter improved our position into the number one spot for the key phrases “security companies” and “security company” David Lyons – PM – Wilson Security

David LyosProject Manager

Scott’s SEO recommendations assisted our website in increasing non-branded monthly organic visitors by in excess of six figures. We saw an increase of 150% within 12 months and since this time, we have continued to experience growth beyond a 298% improvement. Adam Yap – Chief Operations Officer and Executive Director

Adam YapChief Operations Officers and Executive Director

You’ll be pleased to see that we’ve achieved many more top SEO results for our customers.

SEO in Adelaide For Companies Of All Size

SEO consultant for companies of all size

Whether you’re an Adelaide-based business of considerable size and reputation, or a new business trying to make a name for yourselves, Scott Shorter is the ideal SEO agency for you. Scott Shorter and his team have experience from big to small!

SEO for SME's


SEO for national brands

National Brands

SEO for enterprise


Business TypeExperience
Tradies SEOHigh
Small business SEOHigh
Startup SEOHigh
SEO for medium-sized businessHigh
Enterprise SEOHigh
Publishers SEOHigh
eCommerce SEOHigh
Local SEOHigh
National SEOHigh
International SEOHigh

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What’s included

SEO Expirence

20 Years Of Experience

Scott Shorter has been involved with SEO since before Google.

SEO Updates

Monthly Updates

No contracts + Monthly updates. It’s a great combination.

SEO Packages without fluff

No Hidden Charges or Fluff

Don’t pay extra for fluff. Flat monthly fee with all the best stuff included.

Advanced SEO

Advanced SEO

We call it advanced SEO, which is what you get after honing your skills in SEO for over 20 years.

SEO on-page & off-page

Onpage + Offpage

We’ll optimise your website’s on-page and off-page SEO to increase your rankings safely.

SEO Reporting

Track ROI

Measure your rankings, organic visitors and organic conversions. Watch as your business climbs.

Our SEO agency

We are an Australian-based SEO (Search Engine Optimization) agency providing SEO services to customers in Adelaide and throughout Australia. Scott and his team are dynamic and consistent; With our director’s name on the door, our SEO agency works to Scott’s standards, ensuring we always meet your expectations.

Adelaide SEO consultant

Local SEO

Know better than to trust your website with offshore agencies? Relax our local SEO agency is truly local and is backed up by numerous reviews and testimonials from Australian brands and companies.

Safe, white-hat, SEO packages

As you probably know by now, there are SEO companies in Adelaide, and offshore, that use risky techniques. That is not how we operate. We are an SEO company that will not compromise our white hat reputation. That’s why we are trusted by the biggest to deliver the best.

SEO and Google Ads.

Not only do we provide white hat SEO services, we are also recognised by Google as official partners for the delivery of successful Google Ads campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

SEO – What is it?

On-page and Off-page SEO

SEO involves analysing the ranking signals used by search engines like Google and making adjustments to your website to match these signals. The closer your website aligns with these ranking factors, the better your ranking will be.

What are the main SEO factors?

In 2023, Google’s primary ranking signals consist of a page’s relevance to a search query, its authority through backlinks, and an increased focus on user experience, valuable content, and how well your website meets criteria related to Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T)

Does SEO last for a long time?

SEO offers long-lasting benefits, making it a valuable investment. Try saying that about other forms of advertising and you’ll quickly realise why SEO is such a popular investment. SEO creates a bigger website, that is better optimised. Ceasing SEO efforts won’t shrink your website. As the SEO changes are yours to keep, SEO results are generally long-lasting which makes it a great advertising medium.

How long does SEO take?

Each situation is different and it depends if you have a brand new website or an existing website. A brand new website will take longer. In any situation, you can expect to see initial improvement in 15 to 30 days, with ongoing improvement each month. Typically, substantial improvements become evident within 6 to 12 months. However, the exact duration hinges on the level of SEO competition and the existing state of your SEO efforts.

Are we SEO freelancers, consultants, or experts, or are we an SEO agency?

Strong SEO takes a team. We’re not just a one-person team, so you can trust that we have the skills to get the job done. We work quickly and stay flexible, and that’s how we’ve become one of the best SEO companies in Australia.

Is SEO still worth it in 2023?

SEO is still a great investment in 2023. SEO can provide a better ROI than ads, and SEO is also longer-lasting than other forms of advertising. SEO has a fixed monthly cost while the results improve. As the price of paid ads becomes increasingly more expensive, SEO is a strategy that has become increasingly valuable.

Who is the best SEO in Adelaide?

Here are 8 reasons why Scott Shorter is the best SEO in Adelaide for your business.

Our SEO agency are pioneers and still the best

SEO pioneers

Scott Shorter has been involved with SEO since 1998 and founded the Scott Shorter pty ltd agency in 2011. This makes us one of Australia’s first SEO agencies.

Adelaide's hardest SEO

Adelaide’s most difficult

We rank our SEO agency on difficult keywords, imagine what we could do for you.

Adelaide SEO specialist trusted by industry

Trusted by industry

Companies large and small trust the Scott Shorter brand for its reputation in the SEO industry. Scott’s abilities to demystify SEO have been recognised in speaking engagements for Edith Cowan University, Ad School, Engineering Institute of Technology

Better Value SEO

Better value SEO

We’re not the cheapest and we’re not the most expensive. We have more capacity than an SEO freelancer and are more agile than a slower-moving agency. We arguably provide the best SEO service in Adelaide.

Local SEO Adelaide

Local SEO

As an Australia-owned and operated SEO agency we are truly local, we don’t use risky overseas methods as we care greatly about each and every account we work on.

Results Driven SEO

Results-driven SEO

Adelaide SEO that works for you works for us. We retain customers by getting them results not by locking them into contracts.

Melbourne SEO Specialist

SEO specialists, not gurus

No intangible mantras or prayers are required. SEO is a process that is repeatable based on experience, work rate and time. That’s why we rank so well. It’s our experience and willingness to work effectively that makes us SEO specialists.

National SEO Expirence

National SEO experience

Small fish big pond? Not us. We are experts at Adelaide SEO and we are also SEO experts in Australian SEO, having worked on a number of prominent national brands such as Australia Post,, Wilson Security, Wilson Parking, P&N Bank,, and many more.

SEO Consultant Adelaide

Scott Shorter is an SEO consultant for Adelaide and the owner and managing director of Scott Shorter Pty Ltd. With a B.Comms – BSc (M) in Multimedia and Internet Computing, he has been involved in SEO for over 20 years. His learning has been validated through experience with over 1500 search engine optimisation campaigns, having worked for a number of prominent SEO companies in senior leadership roles. Scott’s experience ensures well-founded strategies based on actual performance. His experience ranges from small to large corporate enterprises.

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