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Why is good SEO copywriting important?

The copy you write for your website plays a fundamental role in how your brand is positioned. Having poorly written copy that is not engaging and full of errors will turn away potential customers.

The textual content displayed on your website is vital to how you rank in search engines. A website’s copy is a commonly overlooked aspect of search, but, in reality, it is fundamental to ranking well. Engines, like Google, use text matching as a part of their algorithm to deliver the most relevant results to their users. This means the keywords you want your website to be found for must be written in your copy. The task of finding these key phrases, and including them naturally into your content, can be made easier with a professional SEO copywriter.

Why hire a SEO copywriter?
Just as you would take your tax to an accountant, the copy on your website should be handled by a specialist. Your website is the first port of call for a lot of potential customers, so the content you display is a reflection of your business, as well as acting as a salesman. Using a good copywriter will ensure the content on your website always makes a good first impression, help drive leads and raise brand awareness. A copywriter will also deliver content that is compliant with all the necessary Google requirements, be grammatically correct, free of errors and, most importantly, compelling.


What will a SEO copywriter do?

Writing content that contains proper SEO headings and key phrases that will balance content dilution, key phrase density, search volume and competition while maintaining readability is a specialist art.

In order to get the best SEO results possible for your website, the copy on each page needs to be longer than 250 words. Without copywriting experience meeting this length requirement can be difficult to achieve.

What is your time worth to you? Copywriting is the reason most redesigns or new website fail to go live on time. Copywriting often drags out the production schedule for new sites months beyond the initial estimates. In most cases this is because the client cannot find time within their day to write content. They are simply too busy. Employing a copywriter in these situations will ensure the project goes live on time.

Our process

The first step we take in the copywriting process is conducting interviews and surveys to establish objectives and set the tone for your copy.

From this, we research for suitable keywords using proprietary key phrase research technologies. This enables us to establish the amount of searches per month and level of difficulty for each of your key phrases. We then pick a balance between these two factors so we can define how this will result in the most effective generation of traffic and leads for your website within a realistic time-scale.

A draft of the copy is then created accordingly, which we present for you to review. Typically, one round of changes is included with no additional costs. This process allows you to contribute additional information that was overlooked during the first interview, as well as the opportunity for rewriting should the copy be missing or lacking in the direction of the desired voice. A report of all included key phrases will accompany this presentation. It is encouraged that you review this to ensure your key phrases align with your objectives and make sure nothing has been overlooked.

After all the changes have been made final, the copy will be presented to you as a deliverable. Accompanying this will be another report of all included key phrases, along with rank checking of your key phrases in Google.

Finally, after the website has been live for a sufficient amount of time for Google to have indexed the new copy, a follow up rank check is conducted. This check will highlight the benefit SEO copywriting has had on your key phrase positioning*.

*Google now personalises organic results. This is dependent upon previous search history, search location and device. Key phrase positions will be measured with the personalised search results option disabled. For more information on personalised search results please contact one of our consultants at no additional cost.

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