Why do I need an optimised Google Places account?

Google Places/Maps, currently known as My Business, operates on a different algorithm to traditional organic results.

  • Geographically triggered Places listings can appear higher and larger than organic results
  • Listings represent physical businesses and thus puts customers closer to a purchase and more readily engage
  • There are only 3 places position available. To appear, you must beat your competitors.

While Google Places optimisation does share a number of factors in common with SEO, there are some key differences.


Google Places optimisation requires both the on-page optimisation of the target website and the optimisation of the Google hosted Places page. Raw Hire Google Places


Authority relates to how much Google ‘trusts’ your website. Increasing your authority in Google means you have other trusted websites transferring authority to you, which is mostly in hyperlink form such as this. In terms of a Places listing, Google is looking for the creation of business citations, SEO link building, and on and off-page reviews. To optimise your Places listing you need a holistic approach covering the elements above.

What kind of improvement can an expert make?


What rankings will I achieve?

What rankings will I achieve?

Google Places is a long term investment and it is important to recognise that some key phrases will be more competitive than others. No responsible SEO company can guarantee rankings. Don’t be scammed, be sure to read the Google SEO Guidelines.

What else do I need to know?

What else do I need to know?

  • Not all SEO companies understand Google Places, nor are they equipped to meet the requirements.
  • Google Places is critical for local search optimisation as listings are larger and higher than traditional organic results.
  • Traffic from Places is free. However, with only 7 places available, it is imperative to secure your position by employing an expert.
Want even better results?

An SEO campaign will boost your Google Places results significantly.

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