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One of the great things about email marketing is that, unlike the regular Outlook or Gmail type emails, you can create, personalise and send vibrant emails that are dynamic and engaging. Depending on the type of email you want to send, you can create customised email templates that have the same look and feel as your website and have different layouts, themes, colours and photo options.

Cost effectiveness

Unlike traditional direct marketing you don’t need to pay for paper, printing or stamps, there is only a minimal fee per campaign sent.

More importantly, the return on investment is much greater than other online marketing and advertising activities. Typically, there is an average of a 10% open rate (how many people open your email) and 2 – 5% conversion rate (how many people read your email and contact or buy something from you) across most industries. This means if you send an email to 1,000 people with an open rate of 10% open rate and 2 – 5% conversion rate equates to approximately 2-5 leads per campaign sent.

Based on average email delivery costs, 4 leads would cost approximately $20 (if sending to 1,000 recipients). This works out to be $5 each. For comparison, leads from other online mediums can cost upwards of $150 each.

Who can I send to?

Because spamming (sending large quantities of unsolicited emails) is illegal, you need to comply with the Australian Spam Act’s rules about who you can and can’t send email marketing emails to.

You can send emails to people who:

  • Subscribed or joined up from your website.
  • Bought a product or service from you within the last 2 years.
  • Personally gave you their email address (either physically or over the phone) knowing you’d contact them.
  • Filled out a form offline and specified that they wanted to be emailed.

You cannot send emails to people who:

  • You obtained from a purchased list of subscribers.
  • You haven’t emailed in more than 2 years.
  • You obtained from a third party.
  • You obtained by scraping (copying and pasting) their email address from the Internet.

If you require, we can assist you in collating Australian Spam Act compliant subscriber lists.

Sending a campaign

Creating and sending an email campaign is made easy with our email marketing platform, which gives you complete control over every aspect. Features include:

  • Customisable template design
  • Subscriber management
  • Design and spam testing
  • Results tracking
  • Simple to use web-based interface
  • Archives

Building your mailing list

As email marketing is a numbers game, you will need a strategy to increase your mailing list size. There are many strategies to increase your mailing list, which we can work with you to develop.

  • Signup funnels on your website
  • Custom Facebook applications
  • Competitions
  • Offline ideas


You’ve worked hard to secure 1,000 subscribers to your mailing list, so what next? Scott Shorter can assist with a strategy to generate the best response from your subscribers, while ensuring the frequency and content do not cause high volumes of unsubscriptions.

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