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Our website ranks in the #1 position on Google for super hard keywords and we’re offering to teach you how we did it.

Super Hard SEO Training
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SEO Course Overview

Our 1 & 2 day SEO training courses in Perth are designed to give you practical SEO training with your own website or one of our example websites. In our Perth-based SEO training program, you will learn the fundamentals of SEO and more. This program is designed for beginners to intermediate users. Learn how to SEO your website and how to build the right kind of SEO links to deliver a result.

Learn from a company that ranks #1 for Perth’s most difficult keywords.

Do your own SEO in-house and save thousands of dollars each month.

Our SEO courses will show you what to do first, second and what to do last.

Learn SEO Quickly

Experience is knowing where to tap. To SEO your website quickly and effectively, there are just a few core principles that you need to improve. The other conjectured optimizations are mostly inconsequential. Learn where to start from a teacher with 20+ years of experience in SEO.

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SEO course sample video: SEO presentation for Edith Cowan University students.

What makes us the top choice for SEO training

For a start, all our reviews say 5 stars.

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We are the authority on getting authority

Organizations trust the Scott Shorter brand for its reputation in the industry.  Scott’s abilities to demystify SEO and digital marketing have been recognised in multiple SEO training engagements for the Advertising Council of Australia, Engineering Institue of Technology and Edith Cowan University 

ECU SEO Training Testimonial

Scott presented an excellent online session about SEO to my students at Edith Cowan University. He was very well prepared and delivered an outstanding presentation which included lots of great industry examples. His session was very well received by students and helped them in completing one of their assessments. Thank you, Scott!

Dr Violetta Wilk – Edith Cowan University

Scott presented a fantastic SEO training course for our organisation. Just two weeks after implementing his recommendations we started to see positive changes in rankings, with keywords in positions 1-3 increasing by 20% and still growing. We recommend Scott to others looking for guidance on the SEO process.

Anna Abrossimova – Marketing Manager

1 & 2 Day SEO Courses

Our 1 and 2 x half-day SEO training courses in Perth are a top way to learn SEO quickly. Lessons are conducted at your premises via Zoom. Our SEO course is for beginners and great for polishing intermediate or advanced skills. As well as structured learning, you are invited to bring along your own website or plan for a website. Session time will be designated to assist you to identify changes that you can make to improve the SEO.

SEO Course Outline

  • Introduction to SEO
  • How does SEO work in Google & Bing
  • How to structure a website for SEO
  • How to do SEO copywriting
  • Other on-page SEO considerations
  • How to do SEO link building
  • What is good SEO link building
  • What is bad SEO link building
  • What are SEO penalties
  • Let’s optimise your website – Session time to work on your website or plan for a website.

SEO Training Pricing

Due to the high demand for our services our availability of SEO training may be limited.

If you are interested in SEO training for your organization, please fill out our form and Scott will email you back with pricing and his availability for SEO training.

SEO Training Reviews

We’ve collected many top reviews for our SEO and SEO training courses. You can read a sample of our SEO reviews below or read more testimonials here.

Scott presented a fantastic half day of SEO training for our organisation.His presentation was thoroughly bespoke with many detailed examples. Just two weeks after implementing his recommendations we started to see positive changes in rankings, with keywords in positions 1-3 increasing by 20% and still growing.We recommend Scott to others looking for guidance on the SEO process.
Anna Abr
Scott was spot on and explained what needed to be done and how it would work. I'm very happy with the results and would highly recommend Scott.
Chris Keating
Very knowledgeable with international domains and SEOThanks Scott!
Paige Dee
I completed a internship with Scott Shorter that helped me further my knowledge of digital marketing and SEO. Scott himself was dedicated in helping us and his clients and I was able to experience how a business, in particular the director, runs a successful SEO company.
Holly Hilton-Carroll
Throughout my time of working with Scott, I have learned invaluable lessons of SEO management which have allowed me to gain a better understanding of digital marketing. Scott's clients are always his number one priority and this is evident through his outstanding customer service. I would certainly recommend this agency to any businesses looking to grow their online presence.
Dez Beale

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Our Perth-based SEO courses are bespoke to your organization and designed to take your SEO to the top. Get in touch today to discuss availability.

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About Scott Shorter

He is a Perth based SEO specialist with 20+ years of experience. His abilities to demystify SEO have been recognized in multiple guest speaking engagements for Edith Cowan University from which he graduated with a B.Comms – BSc (M) Multimedia & Internet Computing in 2005. Working for prominent SEO companies in leadership roles before starting Scott Shorter PTY LTD in 2011, his learning has been validated with over 1500 search campaigns. He is recognised within testimonials for 159%-267% increases to New Homes Guide (The West Australian), HealthEngine (Telstra, Yahoo/Seven), GolfBox & Tyresales.com.au

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