• Flexible days
  • Flexible hours
  • School hours
  • Pyjamas
  • Pets
  • Your fridge
  • Lunchtime naps
  • No traffic jams
  • Your choice of music
  • Your favourite space
  • No shoes

We work with some of Australia’s leading companies. We assist small and medium businesses in scaling up and support larger ones in achieving even greater growth. To monitor the confidentiality of client’s intellectual property and track client work the company uses Timecamp software.

The company expects that remote workers will

Work exclusively for the company during your shift

Be on time to start and return from break on time.

Not have excessive or frequent computer idle.

Timecamp software logs the following:

  • Windows names of opened programs
  • Tabs actively viewed within web browsers
  • Email subject names of opened emails
  • Screen captures at random intervals
  • Idle time

Your role may be based on an agreed number of hours. It is expected that during these hours there is exclusivity. There may also be an agreed minimum number of days. With a week’s notice, if it works for both parties, these hours or days may be modified so long as the total agreed weekly hours and days are maintained.

Work school hours

Modify your schedule with sufficent notice

Not working exclusively for our company during your agreed hours.

Your billable hours start when you start your first client task within Timecamp.

Be ready to activate Timecamp to a task at your nominated start time

Timecamp highlights periods of idle. If you have not started work, please do not start Timecamp.

Using the computer for personal reasons during your lunch break is absolutely fine see tips to maintain your privacy.

Close Timecamp after work if you have not been provided with a company laptop.

Not working exclusively for our company during your agreed hours.

⚠️ To avoid inadvertently logging private computer use during lunch breaks or after work, make sure time Timecamp is closed or set to ‘private time’.

Before your shift starts, close all non-company related programs, documents, browsers, tabs, emails.

During break for private purposes, switch to private time mode.

When you finish work, exit Timecamp software to maintain privacy.

Please do not stop Timecamp during a shift unless it is a lunch break.

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