We offer; professional AdWords service, hand-on management, reporting and audits for Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) through to some of Australia’s largest Brands.

Our agency specialises in reducing your AdWords costs. Clients are often surprised to find that this does not normally mean that we spend less of your money in Google, in fact it usually means the opposite. After we reduce the cost per click or the cost per lead of your campaign, the AdWord’s system becomes more profitable for your business. In turn, the argument is pretty easy to make; if you’re now spending less per lead, it’s time to increase the budget to get more cheap leads!

Improving your AdWords efficiency really is about accurately measuring and improving your cost per lead. Cost per click is only one factor in your cost per lead. There are many factors such as visitor bounce rates, visitor conversion rates and the possibility of remarketing to audiences that have already been on your website.

What about display? Display campaigns are a completely different ball game to search campaigns. You need to ask, what conversion rate and cost per lead do my display campaigns run at compared with search? Have you firstly maximized your budget in the cheapest cost per conversion in your search campaigns? Generally (though not always the case), search campaigns produce a lower cost per lead than display campaigns. As display is an interrupter medium it generally operates at a cheaper cost per click, though in some expensive verticals of google the cost per click can go up to $25 per click.

Bid strategies are important. Below is an example of how a custom rule was able to increase leads by 20% for the same budget just by rethinking which position they bid for and when.


Conversion rate optimization is the most important factor when Google’s cost per click values are high even after applying all strategies to reduce cost. Conversion rate optimization of a page is a methodology that benefits any channel whether it be SEO, SEM or refferal traffic. In terms of Adwords, if cost per click values are high, we most important thing we can do is convert more of the clicks that we pay for.

There are reoccurring pitfalls we often see with Adwords Management

  • Excessive charges: Agencies like to collect a percentage of what you spend in Adwords which we consider unethical behavior
  • Inflating conversions with View through conversions: Agencies measure “view-through conversions” and claim that as a conversion. This trick falsely lowers the cost per lead allowing agencies to to look good in front of their clients
  • Inflating conversions with misleading goal tracking: Often when unethical agencies set up their goal tracking to include goals that are not leads. An example of this is when a user visits the contact page. We do not consider this a lead as not everyone who visits a the contact page is getting in contact with the client. Where as a goal like filling out a form is a conversion. Tracking false goals inflate the number of leads and again provides agencies with a low, false cost per lead figure they can show their clients.

Here at Scott Shorter we believe if you can’t measure it accurately you can’t manage it. We promise the most accurate, granular and easy to understand reporting so you can get on with running your business.

We’ll find you the cheapest cost per lead and it’s up to you if you wish to turn up the screw!

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