Instagram Marketing

Any social platform with the sort of audience that Instagram commands is always going to be useful from a marketing point of view. Despite this, many organisations overlook Instagram in their social media marketing initiatives.

Instagram Marketing

Make sure that your organisation is not one of these. Bring Instagram into your media marketing endeavors and take advantage of the many benefits which it can provide. By using our services, you can make Instagram work for you.

Bring an Element of Personality to your Marketing Strategy

Instragram is a highly visual medium, which makes it particularly resonant on an emotional level. We will give you the tools you need to use this to your advantage and build a brand ‘personality’ which your audience can relate to. If you work in the travel insurance industry, create aspirational posts which focus on holiday destinations and relatable vacation situations; if you operate in the property market, utilise homely images which your followers will recognise. Build this rapport and connection, and marketing success will follow.

Optimise for Instagram

Of course, making sure you images are optimised for Instagram is vital. Most Instragram posts are square images, so make sure that the images you use will fit into this format. What’s more, it is unlikely that a user will be browsing your company profile directly; instead, they will be accessing your images via their news feed, where your images will be competing for attention. We work with you to give your content this accesible edge.

Build a Narrative

New additions to Instagram’s functionality have made the platform even more useful for marketers. Instagram Stories now make it possible for marketers to build narratives which their users can explore and benefit from. Our expertise will ensure that your narrative leads the user directly into your sales funnel, nurturing them from the moment they see your image to the instant that they convert.

Make Sure to Track the Metrics You Need

We have the tools required to keep track of your marketing strategies on Instagram. By using customised links to gather data related to clicks and impressions, using external analytics software to measure referral traffic from Instagram, and, of course, measuring the conversions and repeat sales which result from these interactions, we can gather the data your organisation needs. Knowing what is working is key and what is not is key to understanding the next steps in your social media strategy.

Want to unlock all of the benefits of a positive Instagram marketing strategy? Get in touch with our team today and get the most out of your social media initiatives.

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