This is one of the most detailed reviews for our SEO services that we’ve received to date. It’s brilliant. If you enjoyed this you can read more SEO reviews for our services.

Yabadoo Kids Parties is a national business providing kids entertainment throughout Australia. It has been a pleasure to assist them with their SEO and evidently as you can read in their SEO review below, we’ve helped them to rise up! Thanks, Ravi & Jude

Here is their SEO review

I wanted to write a review because we are seeing far better results in just one year of working with Scott Shorter SEO, then we have seen from working with any other SEO company over the last 12 Years. Scott and his company have been an incredible asset to our business, contributing to a record year growth in sales just this year. 

With over 15 years in the business, Scott is not only passionate about SEO and digital marketing, but he is also incredibly knowledgeable and up to date with the latest trends, algorithms and what is needed to surge ahead and gain good visibility in the search engines.

Scott has been incredibly generous with his time and advice and he has taken on real ownership with regards to finding out how he and his team can support our business to continue to grow. It has taken 12 years to find someone who cares so much AND the results are showing. Other companies charged large fees but we didn’t feel our business was getting the attention we needed and the rewards we got for the money outlaid was minimal. 

Scott is also one of the few SEO’s who offer authentic, pure white hat link building services. His links work and are stable – meaning that several months down the track, we don’t see a drop in our rankings. With previous “white hat” SEO companies we engaged, we initially saw a spike in our rankings, only to see the rankings drop further down the track as google devalued the links for having no true authenticity.

If you want an ethical SEO company with years of experience, that offer a personalised touch, and are great value for money with lasting results, then I cannot recommend Scott Shorter and his team enough. We have had fantastic results within a short period of time and we will continue to use them.​


Scott Shorter in an Australian SEO specialist with 20 years of experience. A recognized industry expert, he has been a guest speaker for the Advertising Council of Australia, Engineering Institute of Technology, WA Leaders association as an industry expert and Edith Cowan University, from which he graduated with a B.Comms – BSc (M) Multimedia & Internet Computing.

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