The Scott Shorter Team welcome our latest client Cut Above Events. In the coming months we look forward to optimizing this site for organic search. Being in the equipment hire business it is our recommendation that Cut Above pursue a product catalogue as a way of increasing the foot print of the site quickly. A product catalogue will not only broaden the footprint of the site, it will lower dilution of theme by ensuring that each page talks about one product instead of multiple products per page. The team at Cut Above is currently working on a redesign and we look forward to reviewing the result.

SEO Relevance

In the example above a website which covers two keyword with a single page will have a lower relevance score than a website which has a page per keyword. Adding a product catalogue to your website will ensure each product has a page and each category of products will also have a page.

Example sitemap without a product catalogue.

  • Many products share a page
  • Foot print is not as large as it could be
  • Top level categories such as “Lighting Hire” do not have a page. On the above sight map “Lighting Hire” shares a page with the actual lights which are for hire diluting the theme of this page

Example sitemap with a product catalogue

  • Number of pages and therefor number of searches the website is relevant to is noticeably bigger
  • Category pages have a page which is distinctly separate to product pages

HINT: Linking categories from the homepage rather than from the product catalogue could drive additional authority to your product catalogue. The above example is not meant to be representational of the optimal structure it is purely a demonstration of page numbers and relevance.




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