Google Training and Lecturing in Perth

Scott frequently lectures to CTOs, CFOs, SEM owners and University Students, but more often than that, Scott guides successful and mature age Marketing Managers who want to be brought up to speed swiftly. Utilizing his sharpened communication skills and proven results, Scott makes the digital learning curve easy and empowering.

Scott’s experience in Google training and lecturing:

Scott has previously guest lectured for the Communication Counsel – Ad School in Perth, WA. In addition, Scott regularly runs internship programs to University Students from Curtin, UWA and other prominent universities. He’s also the only person from WA to be invited this year by Google.

With a mantra of honesty, integrity, accuracy​and mutually beneficial profit making, Scott Shorter cuts through industry secrets to provide insights in clear, easy to understand way.

As a premium agency Partner, Scott has the capacity to pitch and invite Google over for a discussion, and happy to hear speaking proposals from like-minded seminars. Should there be a fit, he’ll do his best to bring Google themselves along for the chat.

Scott’s favourite topics include, but are not limited to:

  • White hat Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google AdWords Advertising
  • Digital Marketing Reporting and Attribution Models
  • Programmatic vs Display

Scott and our CTO head to Google this month to study:

  • Track 3 – Collaboration & Productivity | Mobility and
  • Track 2 – Big Data & Machine Learning respectively

Whilst we can’t be everywhere at once, we’re hoping our client Nerd2You will be able to back us up and register for Track 1 – Infrastructure & Operations | Application Development​.