Getting help with Google in Perth

Sometimes it is difficult for the average person to talk directly with Google.

If you’re in Perth looking for help with Google Ads / AdWords, AdSense, Analytics or you want search engine optimisation, don’t hesitate to call Scott Shorter Pty Ltd. We are SEO & Google Ads specialists.

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Getting the call up from Google

Following our agency’s recognition by Google as a Premium Partner in 2016/2017, Scott Shorter was one of the few company Directors from Perth to have been invited to the Google offices in Sydney.

Scott Shorter Google Premier Partner 2017 standing inside Google HQ Sydney

Scott Shorter Google Perth Partner standing inside Google HQ Sydney

Google Sydney Reception Area

Google Sydney Reception Area

Google Sydney Chill Out Zone

Google Sydney Chill Out Zone

Google Sydney Library Room

Google Sydney Library Room

With no Google Office in Perth (yet!), Scott happily accepted this exclusive invite and jetted off to Sydney HQ spending three days with ~30 of Australia’s arguably most successful digital agency directors and world-renowned business coach Revel Gordon.

It was a privilege and great opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded and inspiring individuals. The connections and friends made during the three-day event, along with the industry insights, were invaluable.

(….And what Scott took away from the event is top secret and will no doubt benefit our customer immensely…….)

And the famous Google office experience? Yes, it was as cool as everyone says. The HQ was like Charlie and the chocolate factory.


With respect to their fit-out and design, you feel as if you’ve stepped into a well-oiled, adult funhouse built to provide employees with an enjoyable, supportive and no doubt productive workspace experience. The gourmet kitchens and cafes, well-stocked fridges of snacks and drinks, chill out and quiet zones plus an onsite gym and free wellness class are just a few of the perks employees enjoy.

The Food

You hear the term “The Google 5” around HQ for good reason, referring to the 5kg that most Google employees attain shortly after commencing work at Google. The in house chefs and restaurants serve employees complimentary meals any time of the day. Then there’s the option to counteract the calories and use the onsite gym…

Aqua Dining has some amazing views

Google was kind enough to host dinner at the exclusive Aqua Dining restaurant in Sydney Habour / Luna Park district and as you can see the views are breathtaking.

Impressed? That’s only the beginning! Check out 49 other great images from inside Google HQ here.


Scott Shorter in an Australian SEO specialist with 20 years of experience. A recognized industry expert, he has been a guest speaker for the Advertising Council of Australia, Engineering Institute of Technology, WA Leaders association as an industry expert and Edith Cowan University, from which he graduated with a B.Comms – BSc (M) Multimedia & Internet Computing.

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