We get SEO results—fast

Our approach is to put the pedal to the metal. All our SEO programs include a 3 month review, keeping us accountable to our goal—delivering the quickest SEO in the West. At this point, if we’re not mutually happy with the speed of the results, then you have the option to leave and we have the opportunity to make good on the program. That’s the director’s guarantee at Scott Shorter.


Director Scott Shorter loves to go fast. Any client or business out there who’d like to challenge Scott to a day of going fast will be mentioned in our blog. As you may well know, it’s mentions in blogs such as this that drive SEO authority and push websites to the top of Google.


Here are some our clients who have taken Scott up on the challenge:

Rally Action Driver Training

Toodyay AutoCenter

Meterbox Lock

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Don’t own a bike or fast vehicle? No problem. Scott’s keen to talk to anyone willing to give it a crack! And should you wish to push the pedal, there are plenty of hire options for drivers of all levels. Vroom! Vroom!