Question: Wondering what is the keyboard shortcut for emojis?

There are 50 Emoji Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Hangouts

There are no keyboard shortcuts for emojis in Google Meet however Google meet does allow you to copy of paste the 50 emojis listed below and Google meet also allows you to use any of the emojis listed in v13 spec by the spec method. (copy & paste)

Google Hangouts & Meet are a fantastic solution to collaboration which can be installed as an extension into a web browser that allows for Text Chat, Voice & Video Chat & Screen Sharing.

Frustratingly on the desktop whilst EMOJIs are supported there exists no on-screen emoji keyboard. After some very clever detective work, diving deep into the source code http://www.alanhart.co.uk/ has discovered a list of EMOJI keyboard shortcuts.

  • We have reproduced Alan’s list with emoji keyboard shortcuts below.
  • To see the complete v13 list of emojis without shortcuts click here.

How to use Google Hangouts emojis:

To use Google Hangouts emoji shortcuts

  • Type the characters you see in the left column into Google Hangouts.
  • For example type <3
  • Press enter to send the message.
  • ❤️ This email will appear in Google Hangouts after the message is sent.

How to use Google Meet emojis:

Right-click the Emoji of choice and copy the image. Then paste it into Meet.

Shortcut Emoji Description
:C ☹️ frowning/sad face
:) or :-) ☺️ smiley
<3 ❤️ heart
-<@% 🐝 honeybee
:(|) 🐵 monkey face
:(:) 🐷 pig face
(Y) or (y) 👍 thumb up
(N) or (n) 👎 thumb down
(]:{ 👳‍♂️ man with turban
</3 or <\\3 💔 broken heart
~@~ 💩 pile of poo
:D or :-D 😀 grinning face
^_^ 😁 grinning face with closed eyes
:”D 😂 laughing face with tears
=D 😄 laughing face open mouth with happy eyes
^_^;; 😄 laughing face open mouth with tear
O:) or O=) O:-) 😇 angel face (smiley with halo)
}:) or }=) or }:-) 😈 devil face
;) or ;-) 😉 winking face
=) 😏 blushing smile
B-) 😎 smiley with sunglasses
:, or :-, 😏 smirking face
:| or =| or :-| 😐 neutral face
-_- 😑 expressionless face
o_o; 😓 downcast with sweat
u_u 😓 pensive face
:/ or =/ or =\\ or :\\ or :-/ or :-\\ 😕 confused face
:s or :S or :-s or :-S 😖 confounded face
:* or :-* 😗 kissing face
;* or ;-* 😘 face blowing a kiss
=* 😞 blushing kissing face
:p or :P or =p or =P or :-p or :-P 😛 face with tongue
;p or ;P or ;-p or ;-P 😜 winking face with tongue
:( or :-( or =( 😞 disappointed face
>:( or >=( or >:-( 😡 pouting / angry face
:'( or ='( or T_T or ;_; 😢 crying face
>.< or >_< 😣 persevering face
D: 😦 frowning with open mouth / worried
:”( 😭 loudly crying face
:o or :O or =o or =O or :-o or :-O or o.o 😮 face with open mouth / shocked
O.O 😲 astonished face / gasping with shock
X( or X-( or X-o or X-O or x_x 😵 dizzy face
:3 or :X) or =^_^= or (=^..^=) or (=^.^=) 😸 grinning cat with smiling eyes
!:) or !:-) 🙃 upside-down face
>:(X 🙅🏻‍♂️ person gesturing no / crossed arms
\o or o/ 🙋🏿 person raising hand
:)X or :-)X or >:D< 🤗 hugging face / open hands
\m/ 🤘 hand horn sign / ‘rock-on’
V.v.V 🦀 crab

Video Transcription

What’s up? I’m Scott Shorter, you’re watching Optimize. Today I’m going to show you 50 hidden keyboard sequences that you can type in Google Hangouts to insert an emoji and flex that emoji muscle, impressing your friends to no end. So don’t go anywhere, I’ll see you after this. (silence).

Welcome back. We’re talking about emojis in Hangouts and frustratingly Hangouts does not have an onscreen keyboard on the desktop for inserting an emoji. Now, some of the astute will have noticed that they have been successful in inserting emojis when trying to make a traditional smiling face, and that’s because Google Hangouts supports 50 keyboard shortcuts for different emojis.

Now in the version 13 emoji spec, there is literally thousands of emojis. So it’s just a very small section of those emojis is represented by a keyboard shortcut. How do you learn these keyboard shortcuts? Well, click the link in the description of this video to see 50 keyboard shortcuts for emojis. Print these out, stick them on your screen and memorize them so you can impress your friends with your emoji flex.

Google Meeting sadly does not support sequence of keys to insert an emoji, but does support copying and pasting from the version 13 spec where you can choose from thousands of emojis, literally.

I’m Scott Shorter. You’re watching Optimize, and don’t forget to tick like and subscribe, if you thought this was a bit of fun. Thank you.