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E-Commerce SEO


We were approached by a long established e-commerce website that for years had been slowly loosing organic traffic. See how we modernised their SEO to make a 45% increase YoY in organic visitors.


Monthly clicks increase: 45.202%
Monthly impressions increase: 99.6016%


Actual traffic and clicks

16 month improvement in SEO

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Share of voice

Share Of Voice

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The percentage of clicks that land on a target, compared to the total number of clicks for all tracked keywords. This metric used to be called “Visibility”.  Lead more.


Average ranking

Average Ranking

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The average ranking position across all keywords with position from 1 to 100 in your project in your selected date range. Learn more


Estimated traffic

Estimated Traffic

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This metric estimates the total monthly search traffic to the target website, subsection, or URL from the top 100 organic search results. It is calculated as the sum of traffic from all organic keywords from your tracked list for which the target ranks. Learn more


5 year view

45% is a great YoY improvement but it’s also important to consider that SEO is a long game played over multiple years.  The actual improvement since our SEO program started was greater than 45%.

SEO Commences
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