YouTube video advertising (also known as TrueView) allows businesses who don’t have the budget for traditional TV advertising to incorporate and utilise video in their strategy. YouTube advertising also enables a business to reach a broader and more diverse audience where they otherwise could not afford to.


YouTube ads are served in two different ways, in-stream and in-display.


In-stream are the ads that play before a video, which let viewers to skip to the main content after a couple of seconds. You only pay if the viewer finishes watching the ad or after 30 seconds, whichever comes first. Clicks through to your website are free, you only pay for views. For example:



In-display ads appear in YouTube search results of videos that are contextually similar to your video. Unlike in-stream, you pay when someone clicks on your ad. For example:




Video ads allow you to connect and engage with your target market in a way that isn’t available with regular CPC advertising. Video:

  • Creates a personal interaction between a business and their audience as well encouraging further interaction
  • Strengthens brand awareness
  • Builds trust
  • Sets your business apart from the competition and emphasises your point of difference
  • Is one of your strongest selling tools
  • Combines visual and audio to emote and inspire action
  • The only is only one limit – the length of the video at 4 minutes max

The numbers

Research into businesses utilising online videos advertising by American company Amimoto found that:

  • 96% of consumers find watching videos useful when making purchase decisions online
  • 94% of consumers watch videos online
  • 77% of consumers say that videos leave a positive impression of a business
  • 73% of adults are more likely to purchase after watching a video that explains a product or service
  • 58% of consumers find businesses that produce videos to be more trustworthy

Source: Retail TouchPoints

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