“Scott’s SEO recommendations assisted our website to increase non-branded monthly organic visitors by an in excess of six figures. We saw an increase of 150% within 12 months and since this time we have continued to experience growth beyond a 298% improvement.” Adam Yap, Chief Operations Officer and Executive Director, Healthengine.com.au

At Scott Shorter, we specialise in helping brands and companies Australia-wide benefit from a measurable return on investment (ROI) using SEO strategies. We are highly experienced in:

  • Delivering number one results for Australia’s most competitive key phrases.
  • Australian and International SEO.
  • Low risk, white hat strategies.
  • Advanced white hat link building and partner link consolidation that won’t damage your company’s online reputation.
  • Providing holistic search strategies in combination with social media marketing to give an improved ROI.
  • Meaningful reporting with a focus on results and recommendations.

Why do I need SEO?

Without professional SEO help your organic search rankings (or lack thereof) will deliver little and poorly qualified traffic. Unlike paid (CPC) results, organic results do not have an associated cost. The traffic your website receives from organic search is free and, therefore, should be the foundation of any online strategy.

The primary aim of SEO is to deliver qualified visitors via qualitative non-branded key phrases.

  • A qualified visitor is one that can engage with your product or service.
  • Qualified key phrases convert into enquiries and sales at a higher rate.
  • Non-branded search terms represent new business that was not searching for or immediately considering your business name.

Qualitative keywords usually contain a broad key phrase paired with a context and geographic location. For example:

‘Car Repairs Perth’

Broad key phrase: Car
Geographic qualifier: 

Great! How do I rank for this?

Google’s algorithm awards the top spot in the search engine result pages (SERPS) to the website with the most relevance and the highest authority.

Relevance (on-page optimisation)

Key phrases you wish to rank for must be placed throughout your website in order to comply with Google’s scoring algorithm and to give your site relevance. This is a job for an SEO consultant who understands Google’s algorithms and, through specialist research tools, can identify the right key phrases to target.

Key phrase research

  • The research process normally begins with an interview. The primary objective is to understand your business offering and point of difference.
  • From this interview a short list of key phrases is drafted. This list is then expanded using a specialised keyword popularity analysis tool provided by Google.
  • A list of the most searched key phrases will then be analysed using competitive analysis software to determine the level of competition in the SERPs.
  • This in-depth competitive analysis will also highlight competitor marketing strategies, allowing the further explanation and refinement of key phrase selection.

Research summary

An SEO consultant will look at:

  • Number of searches per month
  • The difficulty of rankings for these keywords
  • Potential value to your business

Based on these factors, key phrases will be placed throughout the website in line with Google’s scoring algorithm. This gives your website relevance required to rank.

Authority (off-page/link building)

Authority is a concept which can be thought of as trust, i.e. how much does Google trust you. Authority is transferred to your website, from other websites, that are already trusted by Google. Authority is transferred to your website through links such as this.

These links must abide by a number of rules governed by Google’s algorithm.  It’s the job of the SEO professional to identify authoritative partners and establish links with a good SEO value. Read more about Google’s PageRank link analysis algorithm.

Please note: Do not be tempted to respond to unsolicited link building emails, links must be one way to have SEO value. Linking or being linked to by the wrong person could jeopardise your site’s authority.

Authority Summary

An SEO professional will:

  • Deliver authority to your website through strategic link building.
  • Distribute authority across the inner pages of your website by reviewing the internal link structure and destination URL or external links.

What rankings will I achieve?

SEO is a long term investment and it is important to recognise that some key phrases will be more competitive than others.

  • No responsible SEO company can guarantee rankings. Don’t be scammed, be sure to read the Google SEO Guidelines.
  • Unfortunately, some SEO consultants simply target and then guarantee obscure key phrases with no competition or search volume. These key phrases have no real value to your business. Practices like this damage the reputation of the SEO industry.

It will become apparent after some time which key phrases have the most competition. This is done by measuring their improvement against the recorded baseline and comparing to the improvement of other key phrases after initial link building efforts to deliver authority.

Reporting with analysis

Automated Google Analytics reports are the limit for most SEO companies. These free and meaningless reports won’t do you much good. Meaningful reporting begins with clearly defined goals and on-page events correctly integrated into your analytics package, be it Google Analytics or more advanced conversion optimisation services, such as Website Optimizer or Click Tail.

The second stage of meaningful reporting involves the proper segmentation and filtering on search traffic to reveal which sources and landing pages are delivering traffic from organic results. Good SEO reporting should have a focus on increases to traffic and goal conversion. Whereas reporting on increases in key phrase positioning is subjective and not reflective of the overall success of a campaign.

Finally, analysis is needed to gauge which content is the most compelling for generating enquiries and the calculation of potential/actual ROI. The key to tracking your ROI is measurement  of all lead sources, for example leads from an online form or phone. A strong recommendation with an SEO campaign is a combination of phone and form tracking allowing for segmented reports that clearly show which marketing channel is the most cost effective.

Independent assessment

Is your current SEO strategy safe over the long term? Find out what’s really happening before it’s too late

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“Scott’s dedication to our account led to increasing our non-branded organic traffic to its highest level ever, and we were able to achieve the number one listing on six of our critical keywords/phrases. We thoroughly recommend Scott to organisations looking to optimise their SEO results.”

Loretta Sivwright - General Manager – Marketing - Satterley Property Group

“Within three months Scott improved our position into the number one spot for the key phrases “security companies” and “security company"”

David Lyons - Project Manager - Marketing - Wilson Security

“Scott Shorter demystified SEO and made the whole process simple and easy to understand. His monthly reports, delivered in person, clearly showed the activity, expenditure, and most importantly, the clear and tangible results. Scott is an excellent SEO provider who has achieved exceptional results for NewHomesGuide.com.au and played a major role in the launch and swift growth of the business.”

Ben De Jonge, Director NewHomesGuide.com.au

“Scott Shorter helped us to significantly improve our organic traffic. We now regularly appear in the number one position for many of the most important keywords to our company.”

Peter Kluvers - Director - CarpetsAtYours.com.au

“We had achieved some impressive results without SEO, but our organic traffic had been essentially static from Dec 2011 to July 2013. Since Scott Shorter came on-board, organic traffic has improved by 68%, with overall revenue improving significantly. Inner pages have done particularly well, with a 159% increase in traffic. Our website now features in the first 2 positions for many of our industry’s most valuable keywords”

Andrew Smith, Managing Director

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