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Results based remarketing services

  • Setup of re-marketing campaigns
  • Ongoing management
  • Goal tracking of phone, web forms and emails
  • Creation of landing pages and funnels
  • Conversion rate optimisation and cost reduction
  • Reporting.
  • No lock-in contracts

Google Remarketing Services

Google Remarketing is an internet advertising technology to target customers with Ads who have previously visited your website. An example of how Google Remarketing works can be seen below.

Remarketing Example

Google remarketing is very useful in bringing customers back to your website and because they returning for another visit they are much more likely to send you an inquiry.

Target Competitor’s Prospects and Similar Websites with Remarketing


Not only can remarketing and retargeting target users who have previously visited your website but it’s also possible to target potential customers who have visited websites similar to your competitors.

Who does remarketing and retargeting work best for?

Remarketing is best suited to ‘considered purchases’. Almost all service-related businesses are a ‘considered purchase’ and any product with a price point of a hundred dollars or more is usually a considered purchase.

Remarketing Ads which follow people are useful in the conversion of potential customers into customers for items which are a considered purchase.

This is because remarketing ads bring customers back for a second look at your website or in the usage case where you’re following competitors traffic it’s fair to assume this potential customer is actively looking for an answer. Thus the rate of inquiry is much higher.

How long can you follow people with ads for?

  • Google Remarketing can follow people with ads for 540 days
  • Facebook remarketing is 180 days

Remarketing ads can be as creative as you want them to be

Remarketing enabled you to follow potential customers with a graphical message as well as a text message. With respect to the graphical format, a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s possible to communicate more and also it’s possible to change the ads frequently. Further to this advantage it’s possible to follow people with a specific message depending upon what section of your site they visited. For example, we could now target you with Ads promoting our Remarketing services whereas if you visited our SEO page we could follow you with ads that promote SEO.

Google Remarketing has a lower cost per click

Much like Facebook, the cost of Google remarketing is a relatively low cost, per click that is. At the time of writing both Facebook have a remarketing cost per clicks around $1AUD. This price for most industries is well below what search ads costs per click. Remarketing conversion rate is usually good and combined with the lower cost per click price often equate to be the cheapest driver of new leads for any business.

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