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Internet Advertising / Online Advertising

Paid internet advertisements / online advertisements are the fastest way to get your business to the top of Search Engines like Google/Yahoo/Bing or networks such as Facebook/Linked-in.

Why Choose Us?

Adwords Certified PartnerThere are dozen of companies offering paid internet advertising/online advertisements services so why choose us?

We are a specialist internet / online advertising agency. At Scott Shorter your account is managed and reported on by a dedicated, professional and experienced analyst. To us you’re not just another customer that is placed into an automated system. We specialise in hands on management, education and partnership with our clients for results that are truly a level above the rest.

At Scott Shorter you can expect

  • To receive ROI (Return on Investment) estimates, channel(AdWords, Yahoo, Facebook) & budget recommendations. Make the right choice with this information before starting any advertising campaign. Should it not look profitable, we won’t recommend it.
  • That we can track (Phone and Web Forms) because as the old saying goes, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. Track every lead be it email or phone call and attribute it to a source (PAID, SEO or Direct).  With this information we will report on your cost per lead.
  • Regular meetings to discuss progress with in-depth human generated insight on your performance and ROI. We care about your results.
  • Ongoing (complimentary) search strategy including: conversion optimisation, search engine optimisation and social media integration strategy. Our experience across these disciplines allows us to look at your objectives, budget and recommend a holistic approach to maximising returns.
  • Our experience ranges from international, national, local to rural campaigns. Should your business or your target market be in Australia, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Melbourne, Perth or Sydney we can help.

The Final Word: Our strategists are experienced with the latest and most effective strategies includes (re-marketing, behavioural targeting, A/B multivariate testing, conversion optimisation, funnel optimisation, ad extension, conversion track and more). To start a no obligation conversation and receive your free ROI analysis call today.

Unsure what all this technical mumbo jumo is about?

We also speak English, read below for a clear and easy to understand introduction to internet advertising / online advertising.

What is internet advertising / online advertising?

Internet advertising / online advertising refers to paid ads placed on the internet as opposed to search engine optimisation which attempts to improve a websites placement in the non-paid sections of search engines. Internet Advertising / online advertising is sometimes referred to as SEM (Search Engine Marketing) however this name is misleading as ads are available across not just such search engines but a vast array of publishers and networks.

The two most common forms of internet advertising are Active Search and Display Network.

Active Search advertising places ads in search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing. These text based ads appear in-front of people who are actively searching for your product or service. Active search advertising is an effective way to reach new customers. Ads are typically triggered by non-branded key phrases such “Mechanic Perth” and there for attract new customers who are not otherwise familiar with a brand name.

Display Network advertising places ads across content based websites as opposed to the search result pages of search engines.An example of a content based website is a site such as news.com.au. Ads can be placed on this website in either text or graphic format. The positions on the page in which it is possible to advertised (often refereed to as ad blocks) are booked through a number of different networks. Google, Yahoo and Bing have partnerships with literally thousands of publishers (such as news.com.au) and beyond the major search search engines specialist media buying agencies can reach additional and premium ad block positions on news.com.au and other websites. The display networks are often used to increase branding efforts. Ads are often display between 0-10,000 times for every click through which is great exposure for advertisers and reinforces branding. Display Network are also popular for their behavioural targeting and re-marketing options. These techniques allows advertisements to follow a potential client across a display network based on their previous interaction with your website or the content network itself. Re-marketing is a great way to reinforce brand awareness and entice a previous customer back to your website with a custom offer or message.

How do you pay for internet / online advertising?

The primary method for advertising on search engines and networks is CPC (Cost Per Click), however CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) is another option.

Cost Per Click Advertising

CPC is a model of advertising within which it costs nothing for an advertisement to appear in front of people searching for your product or services. The only charge to the advertiser occurs when a potential customer clicks on your advertisement. With CPC advertising it possible to guarantee traffic to your website for any given budget. Remember if nobody clicks on your advertisement there is simply nothing to pay.

Before you begin a Cost Per Click campaign it’s important to understand your potential ROI (Return On Investment). This primary because not all search vertical/industries are priced equally. Competitive industries will have a higher CPC value. This can be estimated ahead of time by asking a few questions. Call us today as ask about your potential ROI.

Which network should I advertise on?

The differences between the various cost per click networks is immense. The visitor quality, demographic, and mind set of  the traffic available differs greatly between the available networks. Yahoo and Bing for example offer an older demographic suited to larger high value purchases, while Google represents a more tech savvy, younger audience and high volume sales opportunity. LinkedIn presents an business focused demographic where it is possible to target decision markers. Choosing the right network will have a significant effect on your websites conversion rate.

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Understanding your potential Return On Investment(ROI)

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Paid internet advertisements are the fastest way to get your business to the top of Search Engines like Google or networks like Facebook, however unlike organic search engine optimisation – internet advertising / online advertising has a cost per visitor. This cost varies wildly between search engines and display networks. Understanding if you have a profitable ROI is critical before considering this method. An experienced analyst can determine within a few minutes if an internet advertising / online advertising strategy would be right for your business. This consultation is free so please call us today!