I had a great chat with Chris from What Do You Do recently and Chris was kind enough to leave me a testimonial below.

Chris is an experienced TV personality who is looking to use his experience behind the camera to help businesses sell online.

Chris will produce a high-quality video for his customers that they can use to explain and market their offering. Chris’s service includes, but is not limited to, the organisation of filming with professional-grade lighting and sound equipment, conducting an interview, professional editing and the uploading of the video in high quality to sites like youtube.

Usages for these videos include embedding in the customer’s website and distribution on social media such as Linked-in. Chris and I were also talking about the possibility of traffic delivery from these videos using search engines such as Google Universal Search and YouTube in the future

Here is an example https://www.wowfactor.com.au/what-do-you-do-government-contracts/

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What Do You Do if you’ve phoned a stranger wanting to know if he provides a specific service, with guaranteed outcomes, that nobody else seems to understand or accomplish? Last week I phoned Scott, who must have given me an hour on the phone. He made suggestions, clarified points according to his understanding and told me straight that this was something he had not been asked to do before, wondered if this was the best way to achieve the desired outcome and gave no guarantees. He suggested a trial based on results that cost me nothing. I don’t yet know if I will hire Scott for this task, as the task itself may need to change. However, I am confident that when I phone Scott with another brief for something he does all the time, I would be hiring him. Based on his ability to communicate and preparedness to assist me to succeed, I could only rate this phone call with 5 stars.’

Chris De Havilland


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