Hreflang Tag Generator

You can use our hreflang tag generator to improve your international SEO

This hreflang generator tool will create hreflang html tags for the header section of your website or websites

This hreflang generator is for you if you’ve decided that using hreflang tags in the head section of your website or websites is the method of hreflang implementation you wish to use. Using html tags in the head section of your website or websites is arguably the easiest implementation for most.

Note: If you have content such as PDF then you should be using sitemaps or http headers to implement hreflang for SEO read all about that method of implementation here.

hreflang tag generator

Domain/URL Language Region (optional) x-default
Please add this code into the head part of each page you defined in the href-attributes:

How to use this hreflang generator

  1. Complete the generator above listing the original page and any alternatives you’ve created for other locations or languages
  2. Paste the output of the generator into the head section of the original page and to any alternatives you’ve created for other locations and languages

Yes the tags should be the same on each page it’s important that everything cross-references as this is how this system works.

3. If you want a catch-all for any locations or languages that you’ve not specified use the x-default as a catch-all

4. If you want a page two handle two locations or languages, enter it twice, once for each location or language

Example – How to use our hreflang generator

YouTube player

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