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Since its founding, Scott Shorter has grown steadily providing strategy for a number of prominent brands including New Homes Guide (The West Australian), HealthEngine (Telstra, Yahoo/Seven, The West Australian, Sensis), RosterElf, GolfBox, Scoop Publishing, WA Ballet, GMF Health, AussieSim, Quokka and Tyresales.com.au

Our focus is working as closely as possible with a select collection of specialized accounts. As a low client specialist ratio we believe we can achieve results other consultants can not. We know our clients forwards, backwards and inside out and take great pride in our results.


Proven SEO Results

We helped New Homes Guide increase organic traffic from 22% to 77%

Scott Shorter demystified SEO and made the whole process simple and easy to understand. His monthly reports, delivered in person, clearly showed the activity, expenditure, and most importantly, the clear and tangible results. Scott is an excellent SEO provider who has achieved exceptional results for NewHomesGuide.com.au and played a major role in the launch and swift growth of the business.
Ben De Jonge - Director- NewHomesGuide.com.au
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Special Projects @ Scott Shorter

Posted by Scott Shorter 13th August 2018

Scott Shorter is currently working on a number of new business ideas and non-profits. These include but are not limited to, Triangulating acts of police oppression and identifying which officers…

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Thoughts from the director on large scale 0 days not patched

Posted by Scott Shorter 23rd February 2018

Discovering really big problems with infrastructure of high value corporations and or government and military. It is a great burden that I know of this and many other 0 days…

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